Monday, February 9, 2009

I did it, KBB review &On the Tube

( The large Givenchy moisturizer next to the little deluxe sample that I received)
So I did it, I purchased the large size of the Givenchy moisturizer. I want to see if this thing really clears up unevenness and makes your skin glow year round. I need more than a sample can provide to really test out the claims of this product. I probably won't buy this product in the summer but this may be just the thing to get me through the winter. The product also comes with a little book with pictures to show you how to apply the product (that's so unecessary lol). I have been told that this jar should last for months so let's see.

Karen's Body Beautiful (sorry the pic is a little blurry but it just says Luscious Pear hair cream on the jar)

Last Friday the topic of my post was KBB hair cream but the post was about the KBB hand So here is my KBB hair cream review: I like this cream, it is not necessarily as creamy as the name may suggest, instead the product is a bit thick. However, when you run it into your hands it melts almost instantly. I ordered it in the scent luscious pear and it smells delicious. If you had dry hair this product may be the one for you. I like that it also gives my hair a really nice shine that lasts for days. There is no need to use this daily and when you do use it, you only need a small amount. Once you put this product on your hair, it's like it moisturizes your hair but it doesn’t make it greasy, I love that. I can touch my hair and very little if any product is on my fingers hence no grease stains...YAY. I would purchase this again but it would be a while because my hair isn't even half empty yet. You will pay $10.00 for the 4oz jar and $16.00 for the 8oz jar. It is also 99.4% natural!
Here is the ingredients list-Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Carrot Seed Oil, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils & Vitamin E.

Gifted Hands

Did you watch the Ben Carson story, Gifted Hands? I meant to remind you all on Friday that it was going to air on Saturday but I forgot. It was so well done and just brought a visual aspect to all that I had ever heard about his life. Cuba Gooding Jr. played the role very well along with the your boys who portrayed Dr. Carson during his younger years.
If you didn't watch the movie it was about the life of Dr. Ben Carson, a world renowned surgeonwho really came from humble beginnings. He initially earned bad grades as a child until his mother got him a pair of glasses and eventually told him to cut off the television set and read. Reading opened up a whole new world for him and he began to excel.
I am sure that it will repeat so please check it out if you missed it.

Grammy Awards
(Pic courtesy of Concreteloop and YBF)
Did you see Jennifer Hudson performing last night at the Grammy awards? She looked fabulous! She sang a song that I would imagine was tough for her to get through but her vocals were GREAT.
Fantasia lost weight and looks pretty cute.

Here is MIA arriving with her husband to the Grammys...interesting indeed.
Click here for the Chris Brown & Rihanna Grammy drama.


laughing808 said...

I did get a chance to watch Gifted Hands. And I too thought it was a really good movie.

The part I got out of it was the stressing and pushing for education. I truely believe that if more parents push their kids to excel, things would be so much better.

I mentioned the education portion to an aunt and cousin. And my rationale is: if you don't push your kids who will?

Amina said...

you're so right! the hair cream is divine and a little bit goes a loong way. I remember it acted out on me when i started to use it everyday and be heavy handed...when i got back to my senses and used it once every 3 days, my hair was soo soft

Therapeutic Musings said...

PJD...I'm coming for you.

B said...

Man I forgot to watch Gifted Hands! I hope I remembered to record it on the DVR. *crosses fingers*

Product Junkie Diva said...

Laughing sadly some parents just don't push their kids enough for one reason or another, but you are right they need to do it.
AminaI dont know when i will finish the hair cream..I feel like it will last
TM...LOL I knew you would
BI am sure it will be on again, but if not I hope you have it recorded.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i love jennifer hudson's makeup here...that might be my next tutorial!

Erica said...

Jennifer Hudson has fabulous makeup. I wonder what she uses...

TravelDiva said...

Man, I JUST post the pic of Rihanna on CITC. He beat the crap out of her.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren that would be awesome I love Jen's look in the pic.
Hey too!
TravelDiva I am so disturbed, not only by that situation but byt he reaction from many women, i.e. she must have provoked him....What a crying shame that some people still think this way.