Friday, February 6, 2009

KBB Hand Lotion

(( I''m holding hte lotion between my thumb and pointer finger. (it is called the pointer finger right? lol))
I purchased KBB hand lotion in the scent Lucious Pear and I LOVE IT. The ingredients are awesome but beyond that it smells so delicious. When I first applied it at work, people wanted to know exactly what I was wearing and where they could make their purchase.
This tube costs $5.00. I can't decide yet is this is a good price becuase it just seems so small but who knows. I am buying it again but in a bigger size if available.
Here are the ingredients: Purified Water, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Glyverin, Vegetable Wax, Aloe Vera Fragrance and/or Essential Oil & Vitamin E

Water Intake Update
Water- Since Wendesday is when I began my water challenge, yes I fulfuilled my requirements of drinking 8- 8oz glasses of water daily. YAY


The Frugalista Files said...

I need to drink more water. Thanks for reminding me, PJD! I forgot about the word, pointer.

I'm going to start using it, now!

Have a great weekend!

Amina said...

I love it too!
I have one in my car and during the winter, it
yay on the water intake

Product Junkie Diva said...

Frugalista gald you will increase your water intake too.
Amina I like the idea of having this product in various