Friday, February 20, 2009

Review & Random Items

Vaseline brings us a brand new lotion called Aloe Fresh Protecting with Spf 15. If you snif your skin over an hour after applying the lotion, the scent will still be there. This product smells like a floral scented perfume, that could be a good or bad thing based on your preference. I do like that this is a light weight super creamy lotion that glides right over your skin. It cost only $8.19 from CVS for the 20.3 oz bottle. It consists on sunflower seed oil, leaf extracts and other goodies. However don't be fooled into thinking this is a natural product because it certainly is not.
Not a bad purchase at all, I would just suggest that you smell it first to see if you are ok with the scent.
Chocolate Lovers Beware
This video appeared on CNN yesterday.

Water Challenge
YAY I am still doing well on my water challenge. I am drinking it up every chance that I get. Replacing sweet drinks with crystal clear fat free goodness!

In the Theater
Who will see Tyler's latest movie tonight????? I will certainly be in the theater seat. I want to see Keisha Knight Pulliam in a different type of role. I am not one who is really into the Madea character but I always appreciate Mr. Perry's additional story lines. He is also ambitious and despite the claims that he produces minstrel-like characters I can appreciate his efforts to present various images of people of color. I find his movies to be universal because all people of all backgrounds can relate in some way to the struggles of his characters.
What do you think of Tyler's characters and movies? It is buffoonery at its best or should people just relax and take it as a just another flick on the big screen?


TravelDiva said...

Hey PJD,

I don't know on TP. Generally, he's keeping a lot of black actors working. So that's good.

The bad to me is Meet the Browns--when I see the ads on TBS and the lead character is mispronouncing diabetes or some fairly simple word--I'm annoyed by the tomfoolery.

With that said--I LOVE Madea and will definitely catch it this weekend.

Have a good one girl!

southern_gyrl said...

Love Tyler!

Willl go to the Sunday early show. Can't pay 8.00 for 4 tickets.

I love all his stuff, if for no other reason it allows me to see that I am not alone in my struggles.

The misprouncation thing used to annoy me too.....till I realized that I have quite a few older kin that do the exact same thing....not because they are stupid, or foolish, but just because they haven't had the exposure to the world that I have. Thing of it is....their doing a WHOLE lot better than me!

Ain't that about nothing!

Have a great weekend!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey TravelDiva I have not seen Meet the Browns but I have heard that some people were not happy with the program. On the other hands I have read comments where people feel comfortable with the characters because they remind them of their own family members....
Hey Soutehrny Gyrl I hear you on that early show :-)From daddy's little girls to Why did I get Married, The family that Preys and everything in between I like his work. I may not be rolling on the floor with all of the jokes but that is ok, like TD said he keeps black actors working and overall his themes are great.
About the mispronouncing words etc. there is so much truth in that, I guess some people may not want to advertise that but hey it happens. It happens, some people actually speak that way but what I do like it that Tyler provides a balance, you will also see well spoken characters in his work as well.
Hope you all enjoy the movies...

southern_gyrl said...

**actually.....that should be "they are...not their**


antithesis said...

you are on vaseline HARD! lol. i dont know how but i 4got that movie comes out this weekend. i wanna see it. i wish someone else would pay for me...

MakeupByRenRen said...

i never really got into the madea movies so i'll probably skip this one

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

madea is gonna see me and the entire family tonight. front and center. well actually we'll be sitting in the back. whatev, you know what I mean girl. ENJOY!

PBW said...

I tried this one, but didn't like the scent. Still, Vaseline makes good lotions.

I've never watch a Tyler Perry movie. I'm more of an action movie fan. So when Madea decides to blow up or shoot up something, I'll be right there.

justme said...

i think his movies are alright at best. like you have heard me say, he is a little extra. if i had 2 movies i wanted to see and his was one, his would be on hold. i do support most of the time though.

you had my skin crawling with that bug video!

TravelDiva said...

I like the flick. It started off a little slow and predictable--but Madea is a fool and makes me laugh.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis if you see it let me know if you like it -).
Ren you didn't miss much.
Mrs. YF I know we already discussed this
PBW lol @ madea shooting
Just me- it's good to support his projects and I get to see actors I dont usually see.
Travel Diva yes it did start off
thanks for reading