Monday, February 2, 2009

New scrub

There is a new facial scrub that has come into my life and I like it. I ordered the Karen's Body Beautiful Essentials Jojoba face scrub for $18.00 and I would certainly purchase it again. This scrub includes aloe vera, jojoba, crushed lavender and chamomile. It does not foam at all, it is more of a slightly soupy (technical term lol) mud like mixture with tiny pebbles that will gently exfoliate your skin. You will have tainy grains left over in your skin but that is a small price to pay for silky smooth skin. Sometimes my skin can become irritated or dry from certain scrubbing products but this one has left me in the clear, no problem at all.
The smells isn't something I would run towards but at the same time is isn't horrible.
It gets the job done!!!!
Which scrub are you using now?


Amina said...

the smell will grow on you!
i am glad to hear you like it and it lasts a looong time! !I had to finish mine as a body scrub b/c i had for almost a year and since it is made fresh, i needed to use it up asap.
I use KBB facial scrub as well as Zaja facial scrub

B said...

It looks like it gets the job done! I'm still working on a scrub from a year ago. I sooo can't remember the name.

antithesis said...

right now im using queen helene mint jelup scrub. it's cheap and gets the job done so im not complaining but im still open to new products.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina yes I reall do like it...thanks for putting me on to this company :-)
BA year ago..ok B way to stretch a
Antithesis I remember using that a long time ago but I really can't recall if I liked it or not. Glad it's working for you though.
thanks for reading ladies

TravelDiva said...

Right now I'm using Ambi for my face and Sabon Lavender Apple for my body, but I'm open to others.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Traveldiva thanks for sharing!!!