Monday, February 23, 2009

Weird Combo & Review

Roses and Honey
The weird combo that I mentioned in the title in not referring to the fact that the latest body product from Carol's Daughter combines Roses and Honey. The weird combo statement is in reference to the way my skin reacts to this product. My skin is moisturized and soft after using this natural body lotion but my skin looks dry at the same time. Weird huh? So my hands feel great but they lack the luster or glow that I have grown accustomed to after using other natural products. The glow that you get initially wears off in a short period of time. However, your hands will continue to feel soft and silky. The scent seems to last right up until the first time you wash your hands so that can mean a period of hours. I should also mention that even though I am not a person who likes the scent of roses, the honey scent balances out the fragrance well so that overall you have a delightful scent.
A 8oz jar of this lightweight lotion will cost $20. Like all CD products, this item is has used precious oils, and various natural butters instead of parabens, mineral oil and petroleum.
Movie Review
Before the movie
I went to the movies on Friday night and as I waited for the rest of the party to enter the theater I overheard a couple talking. The woman said -"No people need to know before they buy tickets, don't see that Tyler Perry movie." I just wanted her to shut up because I was poised to watch the movie I had been waiting to see for months.
During the movie
It is probably not a good sign when someone in the theater yells out -"this is some bull......" then I started to laugh during the big crying scene and other did too, it just wasn’t believable in my humble opinion.
After the Movie-Final Conclusion
The basic problem in my eyes is that Mr. Perry seemed to slap what should have been two separate movies into one film. The thread that connected Madea's storyline to the Candy (Keisha Knight Pulliam's character) story was weak at best. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go an see it because I am a TP supporter and I appreciate his efforts. If anything, he put this movie out at a good time because had he put this out earlier in his career he may have lost some viewers but since he has already produced quality programs I think those who were disappointed with this one film will still go out in the future to support him solely because we know the quality of work that he is capable of producing.
If the Candy section of the movie had been stretched out it would have been great, but such was not the case.
Without giving out details of the movie what was your opinion of the flick?
The good news is that Tyler Perry's movie is the number one film for this past weekend, earning over 40 million dollars.


Amina said...

see, i prefer CD old formulations as my skin will be moisturized all the way.
the latest product i tried 3 years was the belly butter.Smells delicious but all it did was left me looking greasy and like a fool. It never sinked in

Calming Corners said...

Thanks for both reviews. I agree Perry has great stories and I am happy he has a following. I feel he should focus on quality not quantity . Great post!

B said...

Rose and honey...that's an interesting combination. Sounds like it would smell yummy.

Product Junkie Diva said...

AMina I think you are on to something...maybe she made changes tot he formulation of her products.
CC thanks. I agree with you.
B it is interesting and surprisingly it doesnt stink :-)

Just_Wondering said...

I ventured out to see Tylers Movie and I felt a bit disappointed because it wasn't his best. Especially after seeing Why did I get Married and A Family that Preys..this one I'd say is at the bottom of the list. Just go in thinking that it's more of a comedy with some drama thrown in and you should feel ok. lol

Tamstyles said...

I forgot to post on here that I bought the OPI "you dont know jacque" and I love it. Its on my toes, but I onlt bought it because of your blog...more please!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jwondering I totally understand what you are saying
Tamstyles I will certianly continue with the nail polish reviews. :-)
Thanks for reading everyone