Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recession & Product Review

I think I hear the word recession on a daily basis. People are always talking about the state of the economy and the importance of saving. This morning I saw this guy going on and on about how consumers will buy less, less of everything. He also stated that we will have to lower our aspirations, meaning no new car when our old one works well. I saw a gentleman on CNN over the weekend talking to parents about how they can break the "we are in a recession" news to their children. I went to the mall on that same day and it was CROWDED. I mean people buying products and clothing all willy nilly.
That caused me to think for a second about what I was doing in my life. Had I really made changes based on this recession that we are in? Exhibit A tells me that I have not. I am saving just a little more than I usually do but I can certainly up that number, but I have yet to do so. I have to admit that I have heard that people are losing jobs left and right, they are also losing hours at work and while this is heartbreaking it hasn't really touched me personally. So I am just curious, have you really made any changes in your life based on the current economy? Or are you just involved in conversations about the state of the economy as you continue to make purchases as usual? Are you simply joining in on the collective gasp taken across the U.S. as we hear about money being depleted from retirement funds and people losing jobs, without making any real changes in your life or has this caused you to spring into action?
My simple plan
Here is what I plan to do:
1) Seriously stop buying unnecessary items. This weekend I looked at my nail polish stash and ummmm I really don't need anymore. So no more nail polish for me unless I completely finish a particular bottle. The pic on the right features my dry nail polishes, those little strips that you just em.
Some of these polishes cost 7-8 dollars so stopping that purchase can really add up in the long run.

2) Save more money with each paycheck.
3)Start bringing my lunch to work again, NYC isn't cheap!
Product Review
On that note, I will present you with a pocket friendly product review.
Aside from the kangaroo flipping her hair back in the commercials, I knew little about the Aussie hair care products . I decided to try the Aussie 3 minute miracle which is supposed to dramatically soften hair. I like it because it did make my hair soft and shiny. The directions tell you to wash it out after three minutes and then use cool water at the very end to make it shiny and that's exactly what I did. The only issue I have is that about two days later my hair wasn't as soft as it was initially but it still looked nice though.
If I needed a budget friendly product that softens hair, this $4.29 item is worth it.
Have you tried this product or anything else from the Aussie line?


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great post! I really haven't been affected personally yet (knock on wood) by the recession. I know people who have been laid off and who are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, I haven't really taking any steps towards securing my financial future. I have kept up my same old habits of buying things that I don't really need. I definitely need to do better and this post has inspired me to try to cut back.

As for the Aussie product - I've never used it. Honestly, I thought it was a product for Caucasian women. LOL! Thanks for enlightening me! :-)

Amina said...

knock on wood, being in grad, i haven't been affected b/c i kinda live in a bubble: do readings, study, teach and do it all over..
I am trying to save $$ b/c i really have more than enough of everything!

Amina said...

like brown girl gumbo, i thought it was for caucasian women too

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I love that product. When I wear my hair wet in the summer time, thats the conditioner I use on a regular basis. It works wonders when your hair starts feeling brittle.

You can throw some of those colors my way if you please.LOL

Therapeutic Musings said...

We haven't really changed anything and the recession hasn't really affected us. We've always been cheap and we'll keep on being cheap, lol. I used to buy the aussie products for my husband while we were in college because I liked to sniff it, lol

southern_gyrl said...

Loves it!

Love the whole line, actually.

You'd be amazed at products that are.....universal?

I use a couple of "jheri curl" moisturizer on both my daughters hair,( neither of which have a curl, one is a natural, one is relaxed) with the most amazing results.

It kind of hard to tell which product is which, and what will work, but that's what strand tests, and reciepts are for....

Great Blog!!!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i haven't been personally affected but i know quite a few ppl who have been laid off...i've decreased my makeup spending in the last month and have started to save more too...

Anonymous said...

you are reallu a product junkie diva! I haven't been really affected but ...

B said...

I have definitely been affected my this recession. My condo now is having foreclosure issues. I am thankful to have a job with benefits but I still feel terrible spending money like it's nothing when there are people who struggle to put food on the table. I don't know....I've always been a giver and feel a part of the problem if I'm not directly helping to get to a solution. So I do my share of donating and I definitely don't purchase purchase purchase. Even when I can. I don't. It's a tough pill to swallow, I know but I can't justify spending $20 on make-up when I hear a constituent of mine (I work for the FL Legislature) say they only need $10 to feed their kids. It's tough.

The Frugalista Files said...

As a print journalist, I have seen the recession has all but kill newspapers.
My apartment community turned condo right before the real estate bust. There are a lot of foreclosures and unsold units. Now, I just live in a condo community with a lot of rentals. PJD, I think you are very smart for buying what you need and taking your lunch to work. You will find yourself eating healthier and having more money in your pocket.

I'm not saying don't treat yourself, but if you find yourself with a bunch of items/products that you haven't used in a year, that's a sign it may be time to slow up.

As for Aussie, that product line has been a secret pleasure of mine for years. THEY SMELL GREAT!

Proud of you, honey,


Lucy said...

Unfortunately I haven'tcurbed my spending at all. I just don't have any discipline when it comes to makeup. I know that I should be saving money instead of buying more things. I keep thinking that I'm helping the economy. Who am I fooling.

Just_Wondering said...

Interesting post..I've been blessed and haven't seen cut backs at my job except for one person getting laid off which was sad. My mom isn't working and my dad has been affected having to work for another company to make ends meet. But no worries because God has always saved everyone from any crazy financial issues.

Personally I'm a big saver and I only spend when I need to. So I can't say I've really changed anything. I'm just happy that I have a job.

Product Junkie Diva said...

BGG thanks
Amina The grad bubble is a good place to be. I'm sure you will be just fine when you finish school but saving up now wouldn't hurt.
Mrs. YF your hair is fab so I'm following you girly.
TM yes being cheap helps, ummm as well as packing that food from your parent's
SouthernG you are right there are some good universal products out there.
ren you cut back on makeup spending..WOW
Chic but????? dones that means you're spending like there is no tomorrow? lol
B I hear ya...10 bucks wow Makes me really feel like I'm spending too much, that can be a single lunch in the city.
Frugalista yes I have heard about issues that newspapers have had in recent time which is why I'm happy you decided to explore blogging. Thanks for the support.
Lucy lol @ you helping the economy.
JustW. I hear so many people who are just thankful to have a job.
thanks for reading everyone.