Thursday, February 5, 2009

Radio Show & Drama

Fab news ladies- the makeup wonder twins behind Illusions Cosmetics will be hosting a radio show today, Feb. 5th. You can tune into the show by going to this site at 3:00pm. Denise and Janice Tunnel will be discussing Afro Latina beauty with Mahogany Kinnell . On February 19th Denise and Janice will be joined by Alicia Keys' makeup artist, Ashunta Sherriff. You can call into the radio show by dialing the number 914.803.4399.

I had to update this post to include the drama that Ms. Etta James is bringing to the table. She was recorded while saying some unsavory remarks about Beyonce and referring to Barak Obama as" the one with the big ears". Check out what she said here and weigh in. Etta James certainly had no problem standing next to Beyonce while walking the red carpet during the time that Beyonce portrayed Ms. James on screen in Cadallac Records. What do you think is going on with Etta James?


Lady Virgo said...

I think she's
1. Old....meaning Senile
2. Jealous.
3. And class-less.

I know Etta's known for her frankness, but there's a way to say any and everything. And someone her age should know better.

B said...

LOL...I thought it was funny when she said all that. Not to excuse her actions but it is a bit off to have someone else sing your signature song. I mean it wasn't like she dead, dying or not performing anymore. I would have been a little salty too.

Oh well....she should have taken that up with the President and his staff instead of Beyonce--who didn't do that bad. I guess.

The Frugalista Files said...

Pray for Etta. Just pray for her.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Lady Virgo said it all! LOL

Shay said...

I agree with B. It's kind of odd to me to have Beyonce sing the song rather than Etta. Playing her in the movie is one thing but in real life too?? I really don't agree with Etta's approach to the situation. I'm as blunt as they come but I also agree with Lady Virgo.

TravelDiva said...

LOL. She's a hater, old and doesn't care.

Product Junkie Diva said...

You all make me LOL.
By now I am sure you all heard that she claims she was just joking...umm ok Ms. James we believe