Thursday, January 8, 2009

42.2%, Winning the Battle & MIni report BeeMine week 1

Are you a part of the 42.2% ?
Yesterday we had a healthy discussion about Neenah, the woman who created the site in an attempt to find her future husband in a year. Some readers felt like creating a website to find a husband is a bit drastic and maybe a little desperate. However other readers were able to relate to the dating frustrations that Neenah must have faced which caused her to create her website. Neenah is an educated woman of color and she is clearly part of the 42.2%. The fictional movie "Something New" starring Sanaa Lathan, highlighted a real statistic, the fact that 42.2% of black women have yet to be married. This percentage generally impacts the lives of black women who have degrees from institutions of higher learning. Think of the black woman with the great job, great education and no husband and there you have a member of the 42.2% crowd. As you get older some women think that it is less likely that they will find a husband to grow old with, so what is a lady to do? This is probably why women are turning to alternative means of finding love because the dashing gentleman riding his white horse is not easily found.
The beautiful blogger Tami mentioned in the comment section that she too has tried different methods of meeting eligible bachelors but like Neenah she has not found the ONE. I know a really charismatic, sweet, ambitious well educated woman who is about to turn 50. She has been single her entire life and she would really appreciate it if Mr. Right would stroll into her life. I should state though, that she doesn’t just sit back, she is pretty social and very friendly so she is always trying to meet a potential love interest. She looks great and really keeps herself together, yet she is as single as they come. WHY WHY WHY????
Although many of us may be in our 20's now if you are well educated and successful in your careers, it is likely that you may become a part of the 42.2%. While we bask in out 20's now, 60 will roll around sooner than we may think. How many of us will still be single at that point? If you are single when we hit your 30's, 40's or 50's would you break out of your comfort zone and explore alternative methods of finding the ONE?
Winning the Battle
B and Justme are just two bloggers who had fitness, health and well being on their minds this week. I recently stumbled upon a youtube video created by BeautifulBrwnBabyDol who lost roughly 80 pounds and she is looking great. She has some videos showcasing what she eats, motivational videos and even videos on exercise so check her out when you have a moment. Below you will find her picture filled video of her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Bee Mine Challenge Week -1 results
If you recall I said I would do a BeeMine hair growth challenge to see if the product really works when it comes to making my hair grow faster. When the entire process is done I will create a video or maybe I will do a different video for each week (not sure yet). At any rate here is a quick mini preview ( I ran out of time to make a real video for today) with a pic of two sides of my head, one with a beemine treatment adn the other without.

Here is picture A

Which side looks like it has more new growth? After you make your decision scroll down for the answer......

Now here is exhibit B

And the answer is::::::::::::

The first picture, A, is of the area that received the BeeMine treatment while picture B is the section not receiving the treatment. Personally I think the side with no treatment has more hair that looks like new growth...wierd huh? Did you guess correctly?
Well that was just the first week and there is more to come so stay turned to see how this all plays out.
Have a great weekend everyone!


B said...

Uh oh...I see that color on your nails. It looks good!! And so does thr growth. I'm glad that the fitness bug is hitting all of us...Lord knows we as a people (I mean everyone) need to get it together. 42% uh? That's a little discouraging. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm not all that worried about it. I guess my focus is else where. My Mom, however, who is 50 has been divorced for 10 years and I pray that God blesses her with someone. She deserves it. This is such an interesting topic!

Tami said...

I couldn't tell the difference in your hair growth...:-(, they looked the same to me.

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I graduated from business school my friend's brother told us we can forget about finding a husband now...we had a better chance of getting married if we had kids and were on welfare. WOW. We knew he was crazy...almost 10 years later, neither of us are married yet. LOL

If I told you the story of the crazy Secret Service guy you would be floored. Trust me, he was insane!

infojunkiegrl said...

can i say that men are threatened by a sucessful woman?

or is that man bashing?

please keep us updated on the bee mine, i need to find something to moisturize and help grow my hair, oils tend to work out for me..

(screams in frustration!!)

p.s- i dont get it, if a woman can take care of herself totally, then she isnt desireable, but like tami said..we have to be down and out in order to find a guy to love us?

it's like the episode of sex in the city that miranda had to LIE about being a lawyer in order to get a date. she said she was a flight attendant, and the guy loved it! (WTF!) i'm not saying that flight attendants arent worthwhile people or worthwhile careers...they do what they like. she went to havard! (in the show) i wish someone would deny me a date because i took the time to have a solid education and career.

luckly, i dont have to deal with that (the hubby understands)...lets see if it stays that way AFTER i get my PH.D
(not to jinx anything)

Lauren said...

Okay wait a second... 42%? I had no idea!!! I liked that movie Something New btw, so does that mean we have to resort in dating white men or outside our race? Well there's nothing with dating outside your race if that's your preference. But I'm only attracted to my black brothers lol. Idk maybe i'm being too picky? My mom too is in her 50s & divorced & she decided she's going to sign up on those on-line dating services. I too pray she finds some1 b/c she's smart & educated. You're right diva, soon we will b 40 & 60 b4 we know it & if we're still single then what? Lmao @ infojunkiegirl's comment "she said she was a flight attendant, and the guy loved it! (WTF!)" Yup, I remember that episode from sexy & the city too lol.

Ok diva, to answer your question, would I break out of my comfort zone and explore alternative methods of finding the ONE if I'm still single in my 40s & 50s ummm no I don't think so lol. I may resort to on-line dating if I'm really lonely & need some1 to keep me warm at night lol. Who knows what will happen or where we'll be in 5, 10 or 20 years from now. But that 42% thing is scary & I believe it its true. Why is it so hard for us black woman finding a man? I know I'm picky but i'm not THAT picky!!! Are other non-black woman having this problem too? Wtf???????

P.S. Why am I thinking what Miss aunt Wendy would say to this? Bc she is a friend in my head u know (lol). She'd probably say something like, "child, live your life & let nature take its course & enjoy being young & single." Thanks auntie wendy! Lmao I need help :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

B thanks. Yes I am ready to look like my old self...Nope I am with you too because for some reason, I think I have all the time in the I hope your mom finds the ONE :-).
Tami thanks for the honesty..maybe after week 2 there will be a greatter differenc or maybeit just doesnt work..LOL we shall see. Now that man that said you would never get married because of your degree I wonder if he is married and if he is does she have a degree. SOme men literally avoid women with degrees...very interesting. I need some male readers to speak up. Yes I know some of you are secretly so please jump in. SOrry you had that insane guy. BUt I bet you can spot crazy a mile away now huh? :-)
Info- if you are already with your hubbby then I doubt he would want to leave when you get another degree. Congrats on going for your doctorate. I'm so excited to know that...if you are on the KISS ning group there is a doctoral support group, in case you are interested.

Lauren the exact wording which I neglected to write is actually that 42.2% have yet to be married which i guess suggests that there is still a It just that as we get older it may be harder. The suggestion is that we all need to explore or at least open our eyes to the possibility that the ONE make come in a package we didnt think of dating. For example it is said that a male population experiencing a similar situation is Asian men. Interesting indeed!!!! I hope your mom finds love. Ok you are too much for that Wendy comment...LOL but I think you hit the nail on the head. Yes, I too am enjoying the single life so I don't feel pressure. Oh on another note I got the Olive You conditioner and I like it. YAY
Have a great weekend everyone.

Lauren said...

LOL awwww YAY to the Olive YOU deep condish, isn't it nice?? Yeah it smellls sooo good & makes my hair so soft. I brought the horsetail & honey intense condish 1by her also & i like it, although I am not too fond of the smell, the smell isnt pleasant at all, I just like it b/c of the ingredients & it has protein in it lol. I alternate using these 2 as my pre-poo. I'm glad you like the Olive You one, thanks 4 keeping me posted! :)

PBW said...

This post was chockfull of goodies!!!

I've said it before, but why aren't you working for newspaper or magazine???