Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finishing the Cleanse & Keeping those nails strong

Last Friday marked the end of my 7 day GNC cleansing process. For the first three days nothing of note happened and I felt no change in my system. However, during day four I felt an almost uncontrollable rumble which let me know that I would not be able to contain myself until the work day was over. (You can read between the lines) Let's just say I wanted to ensure that the coast was clear before I was seen entering the restroom. This continued from days 4-7.

The pre fiber mix that you have to take at breakfast was not bad at all. While it was not a tasty treat that I would reach for if I needed a snack, it was certainly bearable. I was really expecting a harsh taste but it was something I could drink regularly, not that it was delicious, it just wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.

This total cleanse is supposed to clean out your liver, kidneys, entire intestinal system and improve our blood circulation. Aside from the instestinal cleansing, how am I supposed to know if this worked? Both my liver and kidneys appeared to be working quite well before I hopped on this system, so I can not say for a certainty that anything has happened in that area. The same goes for better blood circulation, I can not detect a difference.

One point of note is that I believe this system suppressed my appetite, I didn't have a craving for any additional snacks or treats. Perhaps it's the cayenne pepper in the system that kept my feelings of hunger under wraps. Cayenne pepper is also supposed to help with the circulation of the blood so maybe something has improved in my system, who knows???

The salesman told me that after finishing this cleanse any vitamins that I would put into my system would be better absorbed and it would become more effective. Following the cleanse I took the acai pills for the first time and I think I did get a boost of energy. The only problem is that I didn't try the pill before the cleanse so perhaps I would have felt the same energy related boost.

I wouldn't hesistate to do this cleanse again.


To make a long story short, I tried the Diamond Shine nail hardener by Sally Hansen. This product can be used as a top coat, base coat, or nail hardener. Yes, it keeps my polish shiny but it also extends the life of my polish. My nails are notably stronger so I am very pleased. This product was roughly $4.00.
How do you keep your nails strong?


B said...

That cleanse sounds like it did some good for you so congrats! I am a regular detoxer and can't wait to do mine in June.

I keep my nails strong by keeping them polished and taking biotin. And typing with my fingers NOT my nails. That always helps.

The Frugalista Files said...

My nails are pretty healthy, so I don't buy products to make them strong. That cleanse sounds intense.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmm i've always wanted to do a cleanse but i'm afraid my stomach will hurt :(

Kimberly Tia said...

Thank you for posting up about the SH product, I have such a hard time keeping my nails from breaking or splitting -- this is something I might have to try to keep them in check! =)

Just_Wondering said...

Thanks for the info on the cleanse! I am so not into painting my nails often and they often break off anyway. However, I've been taking the multi vitamin called Maxi Hair for hair skin and nails from vitacost.com and my nails are soooo hard! They've NEVER felt this way at all after taking the pills for 2 weeks. So I want to see how long they will actually grow and will tell you how my skin and hair is doing. I think those changes will happen over time though.

TravelDiva said...

Hey chica,

I've been looking for a good cleanse. I'm down with the pills but I HATE drinking any disgusting concoctions. Do you know of any that are just pills?

justme said...

you go with finishing the cleanse, that takes discipline.

Dominican Enigma said...

I always do a cleanse. Very important for your skin/hair health

Jmilz86 said...

Good job on the cleanse....did you shed any pounds?

Product Junkie Diva said...

B Thanks I justcan not keep up with that biotin pill but i need to.
Frugalista- the cleanse worked well and I would do it again.
Ren-it really didn't make my stomach hurt so give it a try it may work for you.
KimberlyI hope you like it if you decide to buyit.
Just Wond.I'm glad those pills are working for you.
TravelDiva yes at GNC they have a bunch of pills only that will cleanse the body, or that's what the claim is. THere is something called total cleanse that is supposed to work well but I have not taken it myself. The one that I reviewed was mainly pills but then it did have a little power mix that you mix up with water or juice in the morning only. I have to tell you I hate yucky things and it wasnt bad at all.
JM thanks
DE I agree-thanks
Jmilz-I would like to think so.
thanks for reading everyone.