Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do you know your hydration level? & HOA & Product Watch

In recent times you may have noticed that stores like CVS and Duane Reade have been trying to offer more services in their stores. For example many of these stores now have beauty consultants on hand and little beauty stations where you can receive a free consultation. I usually walk right on by those stations without a second thought, but this week I was caught! Yesterday, when I walked into a nearly empty Duane Reade store, an employee offered a skin care consultation and I quick to decline the offer but her persistence paid off. I sat down and she pulled out two devices, one measures the hydration level of your skin while the other magnifies the imperfections on your skin. So first the hydration device, she gently pressed the hand held device against my face and up pops a number 22.2. This number means that my skin is slightly dehydrated..YIKES. She explained that if your number is below 20 your skin is totally dehydrates and a number like 40 and above means that your supple skin is well hydrated. This woman has no idea what she has started because in my mind I just began operation "HYDRATE SKIN" and I WILL be back to her station until I reach 40 :-).
Ok so the second device magnifies everything, i was able to see blemishes in 3D as well as minor sun damage....gee whiz. Anyway I will be going back to using a moisturizer with spf to prevent any further damage.
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Housewives of Atlanta
So did you hear the news? One of the Atlanta Housewives received the ROYAL BOOT this week and will not return for season 2. Check it out here.

Product Watch

I think I need this product in my life. It is a new Givenchy moisturizer selling for $360.00 bucks...yes you read that correctly and yes I have the decimal point in the right place. I have to head to Sephora for a sample of this black alge moisturizer that everyone is raving about. The key ingredients come from the depths of the ocean, or so they say.......
Would you try this product? Or better yet would you BUY this product?

Sorry I gotta run so that's all for today. Perhaps I will post the product review later tonight.....sorry.


Amina said...

did she explain how you can get your skin to 40
with my dry skin woes, i am sure i am something like 10 or

antithesis said...

now u already know my answer to the putting down 360 for that product. i will, however, attend as many nordstrom cosmetic shows (and the like) as i need to in order to get a free sample...

Therapeutic Musings said...

I would NEVER let them magnify my skin I would probably sit at her station crying for the next hour after seeing 3D blemishes.

PJD I will find you and kick you in the shin if you buy that $360 moisturizer!

I saw Deshawn got kicked off. I liked her because she was normal, lol. But I guess normal doesn't bring in the ratings!

Just_Wondering said...

I wonder how dry my skin really is...It's probably -20! lol The product that cost $360 can kick rocks lol Girl if something that much runs out I can't buy it! Tell me how it makes your skin feel if you do buy. I'll live through your experience.

Jmilz86 said...

Ummmmm 360.00---nah, do you u kno how many things i can buy with that...well i kno u do since u are the PJD, lol!

I would not let them magnify my skin, i'd die of shame!

DeShawn kinda didnt fit in but dang, the axe? hmmmm

B said...

I wanna get skin consultation!!

....and Givenchy is smoking crack coming out with a product that expensive. I'm definitely passing on that one. I don't even want a sample b/c then what if I like it.....ain't like I can afford it. HA!

Happy Thursday, sis!

MakeupByRenRen said...

whoa, i want to get a hydration test too! i've been really trying with my skin lately, i wonder...poor deshawn :(

justme said...

you know.... i would ALMOST buy that, LOL. If i had a sample and it was amazing, i would. i guess we are the only ones :(

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina - what I appreciated is that she really wasnt trying to push products on me but she did say that perhaps a heavier moisturizer would do the trick. Always drinking more water is key (she didn't say that, that's my 2 and she told me to use an spf for sure. She said natural based products are better, no alcohol.
Antithesis yes i know your I want tons of samples too.
TM I LOL so hard when I read your comment.Yes I agree Deshawn was too normal.
Just W. LOL ok I will certianly report back if I get it.
Kmilz heyyy I liked the consultation because it gave me a really really good look at everything going on with my skin, even the stuff that isnt really visible.
Ren you totally should get one.
Just me yes we are the only