Thursday, January 1, 2009

Live Life Abundantly

Hello Everyone
I was going to take a little break today and then I said "PJD are you crazy?, you have to start the year off with a post. "
I don't make resolutions or anything like that, I just try to do my best each day and to live my life a little better than the previous day. I love the line from Seven pounds where Will's character said "Live Life Abundantly", so that is what I want to do each day. I watched JustMe's post on strengths and weaknesses which just reminded me that I need to get rid of more things that just don't fit well in my life...... Ok enough chatter on to the
Product Review
Today the products I will discuss indirectly relate to beauty, but they are directly connected to healthy.

I went to GNC and I picked up Acai Blast which is a pill version of the Acai fruit that Dr. Oz spoke about on Oprah. This fruit is packed with more antioxidants than pomegranate and some of the other fruits. It will give you even more energy and it will help to prevent free radicals from destroying cells in your body. YAY I paid 11.99 (sale price) for 60 pills, this item usually costs $14.99.
I also picked up Complete Body Cleansing Program which is a 7 day total body cleansing system. The GNC gentleman told me that this is better than some of the other cleansers on the market because it cleans not only your colon but your entire intestinal system including items that may be hanging around your intestinal wall.
This program last for 7 days and the $34.00 box ( I got it on sale for $26.00) is for one person only. The package includes pills that you take in the morning and packaged pills that you take in the evening. You also have a fiber drink that you have to mix and another pill to take in the evening. You are not supposed to take vitamins while on this system because it will flush them out of your system.
I am doing this program because I want a healthier body inside and out! I will keep you all posted on my results.
Have you tried either of these products? I am not a fan of chocolate at all but when I feel the need to indulge I now know that I can reach for Lindors White Chocolate truffles. This bag of 12 Lindor balls will cost you $2.50 at Target and I think the creamy filled center is worth it.
I know that is a bad ending after the healthy portion of the


♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Ohh I love the Lindt White Chocolates! My bf's mom gave everyone a lil' baggie of mixed truffles during Christmas. We did some crazy kinda stock market like exchange!!! I traded all of my other flavors for white chocolate!!!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I was planning on buying another acai berry pill, all the advantages sound great! I hope it works for you.

Chocolate is my downfall, once I've had one I want them all.

Traycee said...

Happy New Year

Amina said...

i loooove lindt white chocolate!! soo yummy!!!
ok i tried the hairveda products...
i am not purchase if i'll repurchase vatika frosting but cocasta is the booooooomb!!

Amina said...

happy new year!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I wanted to do a body cleanse, but I needed somebody else to try it first, lol. So once again, I'll be waiting for you to tell me how it works!

Andyz1girl said...

My truffle favorite is the Lindt in the black bag (60%-dark chocolate)!! If you freeze them they last longer - if you can resist biting them, that is.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Kendall I know you had a good time with those chocolates.
Mrs. YF Tell me what you think of the acai berry pills.
Tracyee Hi. I left a message on your page. Thanks so much.
Amina I'm glad you like the cocasta. I love the scent of that and I use that for my pre poo stage.
TM I will keep you updates
AndyzgrlI see you have a sweet tooth :-)I froze it also and I like it..... yummy
thanks for reading everyone.