Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You made me salivate in 08 Part 2

I started my very first post Dec. 2007 so this is my one year blogoversary and I am excited. I went from zero people reading this blog, to a handful, and now to all of you. I appreciate all of you who comment and those of you who don't. I know that many of you are reading through your google readers or other readers and I thank you all. For those who send me emails Thank You.
I have exciting things planned for 2009, I really do, but I have so much on my plate now that I don't know when my blog changes will be implemented.
A few months ago I received blogging awards from PBW, another blogger whose name escapes me (sorry) and an honorable mention from Amina thanks to you all.
Special thanks to TAM TAM for the great video that you created and especially for including me!
I posted over 330 times in 2008 so thanks for riding with me......
Thanks so much for your support, encouragement and EVERYTHING!

I knew this list would be the longest so I really put in time to only list my must have products.

Shampoo/ Conditioner

The last three hairveda products have not been officially reviewed yet but I have been using them all for months and ordering more, I just didn't get around to an official review. I will review them soon (probably all in one post) to give you the pricing information. The products mentioned can be seen in the picture posted here.


Hair Extras

  • Honeyquat- it does make my hair extra soft but i hate the scent..grrrrrr

I dont use silk amino acids nearly as often as I should so I can't really give an update on that.

Hair growth

  • BeeMine- greasy as I don't know what but I think it works. I have been tracking my hair growth with the product, I will post the results soon. You will tell me if you think it worked. Whether it works or not, I will move on to another hair growth product and we will see which works best.


  • Hairveda Vatika Frosting- great for pre poos
  • Coconut oil
  • NEW Bhringaraj Oil - I didn't formally review this yet but I use it in my pre poo and it is a nice oil. This oil is light but not too light and it is used to promote healthy hair growth.

Hair Grease


Lip products


The ultimate mascara would be an oscillating Givenchy phenomen wand that is coupled with a less clumping Lancome Oscillating mascara formula but alas such a product does not exist.
So I will have to go for high end and low end mascaras that I like.



Makeup Remover



  • Brown Sugar- If I have to wear stockings, this is what I am rolling with.


Amina said...

i can't wait to try my hairveda goodies. I got the shipping notification and keep reading your reviews.
where did you buy the Bhringaraj Oil?
I am looving this you made me salivate list.
can't wait for part 3
happy new year!!

antithesis said...

happy blogoversary and happy new year!

MakeupByRenRen said...

glad to have been along for the ride, i love your daily posts! i'm keeping your list as reference to get my boyfriend some hair products too, lol...i'm getting me some coconut oil!

Shay said...

Happy New Year. I just started reading your blog in November (I think...). I love all things Hairveda.

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Amina My sister got it from an online website. I will get the exact address from her.
Antithesis thanks so much.
Ren Thanks. Maybe you can test out the coconut oil first, i am just wondering if you will like if for your hair???? If you do use it, a little goes a long way because it is oily.
Thanks Shay another Hairveda person YAY.

Lauren said...

Hey I 4got to reply 2 this post lol. So I read your IT-list & I love it lol. I'm keeping up with my hair regiem too. Hey have you ever tried Shea-butter leave in conditioner? Girl I love that stuff so much that I went out & brought 2 bottles of it 2day because they dont always sell it in the stores lol. Its great for keeping my hair soft & moisturized. So I guess I have a shopping problem b/c I brought myself another pair of UGGs boots after I already got 1 for X-mas & did excess spending in stores like New York & Company & we are in recession so Idk what the hell my probelm is lol. And I went to a new local hair store & ended up buying more products for my hair lol & body. I brought this intense protein treatment by Nexxus called Nexxus Keramix Protein Reconstructor to use after I wash my hair. Even though it has mineral oil in it, I know it'll still work 4 me. I wanted something "intense" for a protein treatment & nexxus is one of the best. I finished the sesbastines & I need something to keep my hair strong. Btw, my hair is looking & doing great YaYYY!! I make sure to moisturize every morning & night so I guess its finally paying off lol. TTyL & stay warm, this NY snow is making me stay-in & miss out on my social life :-(