Monday, December 1, 2008

Helping your pockets

Everyone seems to be talking about the economy and the cost of everything, so in this post I wanted to briefly discuss the power of "the samples". In these hard economic times make use of product samples wherever possible. Samples can help you to differentiate between what you need to have in your home and what should remain on the store shelves without a dime leaving your pocket.
Many moons ago I reviewed the Phyto 9 hair moisturizer and I was less than impressed with it's moisturizing capabilities. When the new "Phyto 7 Gold Or" moisturizer, complete with gold box and shiny tube, hit the market I was intrigued but not willing to spend another $26 on what could have been a dud. Sephora handed out a sample that was more than enough to help me to see that this product did not have to enter my home. Much like the phtyo 9 product, this moisturizer is packed with good ingredients but it still fails to deliver moisture to dry hair. I will say that it is better than the other versions but the moisture it does provide is gone in an instant.
(This evening I will post the actual picture of the sample so you can get an idea of the size.)

When appropriate, please ask for helps!

Do you ask for samples?


Just_Wondering said...

I never really ask for samples lol but I think I should start. I don't go to sephora very often so I wish other places would do the same thing byt giving out the sample.

antithesis said...

i never think to ask for samples in stores but i def. request samples online. i like shopping at sephora because they almost always throw a sample in the bag at checkout and if you order online, you get 3 free samples ALWAYS. i love samples, especially the generous ones.

Anonymous said...

i'm a sample fiend!
especially if i am breaking the bank at particular store.
sephora (non beauty insiders) have samples of most of the product at the store, you just have to ask.
its usually better when you're spending a lil money...
MAC are usually generous with sample giving,just dont over do it!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm all about samples homey!

B said...

Girl yes, I do the samples! *pops tongue* Ain't even shame! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Girl, every time you show your hands, you need to share your nail color. I love nail polish! I love the color you are wearing.

beautylogicblog said...

i always ask for samples. Screw that! Im a sample whore. lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

J_Wondering yes you really should. According to dysfunctionalchick MAC will give you a sample also which I never knew...good to know.
Antithesis yes and if you have the beauty insiders card then you may even get delux samples...
dysfuncitonalchick thanks for the MAC information, I didn't know that.
Ren I totally agree.
B LOL @ pops tounge.
Frugalista I will post the colors in my next post.