Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Natural Hair Rinse & Coming Soon

I have so many hair products to talk to you about, but today I am going to focus on what I did over the weekend. I have never added color to my hair in my life, not a rinse, not a dye, not even the homemade kool aid dye treatment. So I decided to go the natural route when I saw My Honey Child's Natural Tea Rinse. You select your rinse based on your hair color, because the product is designed to merely highlight your natural tones. The MHC owner explains that you will not see dramatic results, because everything is natural. I selected reddish brown because believe it or not my hair is actually reddish brown. Only in the summertime or when I'm under really good lighting can a person tell that my hair is reddish brown. Anyway I purchased the tea which really is natural check out the ingredients-calendula, catnip leaves, hibiscus, lavender, chamomile flowers, red clover and lemon balm.

When I poured out a little of the rinse it didn't even look as deep in color as watered down red kool aid, I mean it was LIGHT. Look at this pic:

The instructions state that you must shampoo your hair, remove the excess water and then apply the rinse. Once the rinse is on your hair, you will have to leave it on your head for 30 minutes while under a plastic cap. I sat there for 30 minutes as a tiny pool of tea rinse formed at the bottom of the shower cap. After the 30 minutes you have to LIGHTLY rinse out your hair and then style as usual. I must say that I thought my hair would not feel or look great because I couldn't follow up with conditioner but no sir, my hair was SMOOTH and silky. Perhaps all the good ingredients in the tea rinse also helped to keep my hair feeling great.
So how about the color eh? I was all prepared to come on this blog and tell you all that it did absolutely nothing to highlight the color of my hair, but then I watched the video I made. You can decide for yourself but I think the reddish sections stand out even more. I didn't even use half of the bottle so maybe if I do it again and use more of the product the results would be a little better.
Here is the video:

I'm not sure how much regular rinse costs but for $12.00 I didn't feel cheated, and I have enough for a second application.

Have you tried the My Honey Child color rinse or any other natural rinse? What were your results?
Coming soon
Don’t think I forgot, I need to start the Bee Mine Hair growth program. Let's see what happens to my hair. Will it grow or not? I will apply Bee Mine twice a day to my scalp.
I will also soon post my end of the year list. This list will consist of everything worthy of tagging along in 2009. I mean the best of the best from what I have reviewed from 2008 and maybe a few new entries as well. I will touch on everything from hair to makeup and whatever comes in between.


Amina said...

i do see it!!
I am tempted to try it!!
When I had relaxed hair, i used to color it all the time....
bad combo!!
my hair was breaking all the time!!

Jmilz86 said...

I see a subtle change, very natural looking!

I would try this but i want to dye my hair jet black. I think i will try a semi permanent dye...any suggestions!?!

Anonymous said...

You can tell on your hair ends. Seems like a nice product. I recently stopped rinsing my hair because the color runs when you are sweating. Rinse + gym= :(

MissK said...

This is great! I have a really short natural cut that I would love to color! I must invest in this...


CC said...

Wow, it really took nicely to the front of your hair and that one curl in the back really stands out among the rest.
I've always wanted to experiment with color, I too am a color virgin, but you know me...scaredy cat. Maybe a full bottle of this magic would do wonders for me.

Just_Wondering said...

I have always done a rinse in my hair and it actually helps to give my fine hair a vibrant look! I never felt like my hair was breaking or anything. However, i'd only color it 2-3 times maximum per year. I just did it a week after my perm and it does dry out your hair but I'm on top of that! My hair gets extra mositure. It's shiny, soft and looks great. I use
Jazzing By Clariol Professional for 5-7 years!

"It has No ammonia. No peroxide
You can use it immediately after relaxer service
On the website it states that
Enhance, refresh, brighten, shine and condition
*For natural, colored, permed, relaxed hair"

And it does what it says it does for my hair. But if your afraid try PJD's Natural way and see if you like it.

B said...

Mannn, I can't see the video because I'm on mobile. This sounds exciting though. I love coloring my hair. Can't wait to do it again.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina If you try it please let me know. I have to warn you though that you will not get DRAMATIC results..lol
Jmilz thanks Since I am not a coloring pro I don't want to recommend something crazy. However I kno wmany people who use the Bigen Oriental Hair dye and they love it. Also you may want to check out what Just wondering suggested below. My aventure with colorwill probably end here with this natural rinse.
Frugalista-thx for that info...that is good to know :-).
MissK please remember the results wont be Dramatic..lol I dont want you to be disappointed. I do like that the product is really natural though.
Mrs. YF thx..and lol to your comment about the one curl..lol
Just Wondering thanks for all of that great information,
B you will be back to coloring in now time flat.