Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pores pores go away

I heard Justme talk about a Clinique pore minimizing product and I had to get it because she liked it so such. When I eventually went to Sephora to pick up a box I wasnt even thinking about complextion but apparently this product comes in two colors "invisible light" and invisible deep. Thankfully, I picked up the invisible deep and it matched my skin perfectly. The product is to be placed under or over makeup and I can tell you that it is SUPER light and blends beautifully. No one would be able to tell that you have anything on and that area of your face will just feel silky. (get a sample from sephora). Now I don't think my pores are really visible, you would have to be way too close for comfort to see them- so why did I get this product you ask? I dunno..lol but it's cool to have I guess. The pores that I tested this on, I almost feel like I can still see them I don't think it made them any less visible but I could be wrong. I tried taking pics but they came out all wrong..lol. I don't think I will get this product again but it feels nice. The product costs $17.50.

I've been telling you that I am in need of a new facial scrub and I still have yet to make a purchase but Sephora has been very gracious by giving me scrub samples. I haven't even asked for them but recently this is what I have been receiving upon checkout. Today for the first time I used the Clinique 7 day creamy scrub which is supposed to remove any flakes or rough patches to reveal beautifully glowing skin. The full size tube will cost you 17.50 which isnt horrible.

Hyperpigmentation is an unpleasant experience for many women. If I burst a pimple incorrectly, I am sure to get a nice dark mark which will take weeks to go away. I was so pleased that my skin had been doing really well for months. Normally my skin isn't horrible but I would get the occasional breakout but the dark spots would take longer to go away. Since I posted on the Booster C which is pure vitamin C by Philosophy, I have been using it daily. I honestly must say that it is responsible for making my hyperpigmented areas clear up much faster. After attempting to pop a pimple, I just knew that area would gets darker and it certainly did. I continued using the booster and it's much lighter than it would have been if I had not been using the product. I think it is cutting my period of hyperpigmentation in half. This is just my observation. The next time I get a dark spot, I will take a photograph and we will track how fast it goes away.
I got my relaxer last Friday and I think it came out well. I will post pics soon. I got a wrap which I haven't had in a long time (years) so it feels weird having my hair so straight. In the morning I generally pop in a few rollers before heading out the door just to give my hair a little bump.
QUESTION- For ladies who use magnetic rollers (if you click the link, the pic of the rollers is at the end) how do you know when it's time to move on to the next roller size? How many rolls is enough to say ok I need to move on to the red, or purple etc? lol
Possible Purchase- I think I need the Caruso steam rollers.


B said...

My pores close to my nose are larger than I thought so the pore minimizer would suit me good. And I've been using that Clinique scrub religiously for a few months. I love it and hope that you find success with it!!

Bring on the hair photos!

antithesis said...

ive been using clinique's even better skin tone corrector. i dont know how well it works but i bought it again because i like the way it feels and my friend gave me a coupon. i think i would just like the way their products feel but it's not enough incentive to make repeat purchases.

Jmilz86 said...

I am so glad i bumped into the post about the booster c b/c i have alot of dark scars from pimples and nothing so far has been that great about removing the scars! I tried clinique even better skin tone corrector, but gave up on it about 2 weeks and returned it! Right now, Clinique 3-step is doing a great job turning my skin around and makes it appear brighter and the scarring less visible!

The 7-day scrub is amazing and I love it, hope it works good for you too!

As a hair addict, I am so excited to see ur pics of ur relaxer!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I would definitely purchase the Caruso steam rollers if I were you. I saw someone else post on it and OMG! everyone needs those for a quick fix which would work wonders before you zip out the house in the morning.

I haven't made my product haul as yet so I think i'll be adding the Booster C to the list. Me and these durn black spots. LOL.

TravelDiva said...

I'm definitely going to check out the booster c.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i just got the MAC refining pore scrub or whatever it's called, i like it! you should check that one out next...

Fashion's Darling said...

I need a pore minimzer...you can see mine from miles! lol

YAY for relaxers. I'm (hopefully) getting mine done soon. I have held out long enough lol

The Frugalista Files said...

For roller sizes, it depends on the look you want. If you want a smoother look, go for the bigger roller. If you notice that after you take out your magnetic rollers and wrap your hair and take it down, it's still curlyish, then it's time to move to the next bigger size. Your hair looks like it's a gray roller. I use purple.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B thanks for the info about the scrub. I think I will buy the full size.
Antithesis-thanks for the clinique review.
Jmilz Im glad you found something that works. If you go to sephora get a free sample of the booster c product and see if you like that as well.
Mrs. YF yes caruso is on my list.
TravelDiva - i hope you like it, maybe you want to get a sample from Sephora first.
Ren thanks I will try that product.
Fashion Darling - YAY for relaxers..lol
Frugalista- yes when I want larger curls I use the bigger rollers. You think Im a gray.....girllll those gray rollers scare me..lol Maybe one day though. I wil stick with my green red and purple for now. heheh
thanks for reading everyone.,

Lauren said...

Hey friend in my head, How u doin? (as ms wendy would say) LOL anyway,i can't wait to see how ur relaxer came out. Did you see/notice alot of growth? I can't wait to get mines this Saturday, I have so much new growth its not funny. My hair itself feels soft but the roots are a big poof ball lol. Question what pre-treatment (if any at all) did you use b4 u got your relaxer? Like a pre-conditioning treatment. I'm going to put some condish the night b4 & moisturize 3 days b4 & after with that hair butter from sheinett. I'm drinking my 3 glasses of water 3 days before too (I learned that also) to moisturize my hair within. I'm just trying to strengthen my hair as much as possible before I get my relaxer. I also used my heavy protein treatment last sat (7 days b4 relaxer) also. As you can see, Girl when it comes to my hair i don't play lol. I am drinking water as I type! Ttyl :)

Diva Style said...

Girrrrl....that 7-day scrub rinse off formula and the exfoliating scrub with menthol or some tingly agent are the TRUTH!! I just started using them like last week after getting a sample of the former from Sephora and I noticed a difference IMMEDIATELY. In tandem with my Eminence Linden Calendua used as a mask, it worked MIRACLES to rid me of the horrid hyperpigmentation and patches I get around my mouth due to dryness. I bought both regular sizes within a week!

Mrs. October said...

I used to use the purple rollers but I knew it was time to move to the gray ones because all my hair no longer fit on the purple rollers (if that makes any sense). I would section off my hair per usual and all of a sudden I had hair hanging off the sides of the rollers!! So I knew my hair had gotten longer and I needed to move up a roller size. HTH!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren, you are too much..lol my relaxer came out well. I should be posting pics this week. I can certainly see hair growth but i wantto see lots more...lol Before getting my perm I made sure the new growth was nice and soft by using juices and berries by Oyin. This would ensure that no one would have to rip that comb through my new growth in order to apply that perm. I used to use the cantu shea butter hair conditioner about 3 days before on my hair to protect my hair from potential damage but I haven't dont that in a while. How did your relaxer turn out????????
Mrs. October Thanks so much, that is a good tell tale sign.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Diva Style- thanks so much. I think I will get that 7day scrub todya.

Dominican Enigma said...

Vitamin C is excellent for getting rid of hyperpigmentation.

Lauren said...

Hey friend in my head (I'm really starting to believe that LOL) so i did get my relaxer last week & it came well. My stylists was pleased lol. But my relaxers always come out great b/c it doesn't take alot to relax my hair b/c its fine & soft. I used the Desinger esstinals. She did trim it for me so 2 me it looks shorter but she insisted its still long but it looks better & healthy & actually thicker! Its all 1 length & I know in the long run its 4 the better (she even showed me how much she cut off which wasn't alot just the ends. She mentioned that she loved my condish by Aubrey Organics, she said its a good condish b/c she wanted to see the products that I'm using b/c she wants to moninter my hair b/c I have breakage (or thinness) in the back area. I used my Emergerncee' so I'm back on track & will be using it from now on. She said she liked my Biotion shampoo too my Milcreek. Omg I love that shampoo it smells like pepermitt & best of all its kiddy friendly :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

DE -you are so right..thanks
Lauren I am thrilled that your hair came out well. It is great that your hair is all even now, that is a great way to track your progress. I on the other hand am working with uneven hair because I have not trimmed recently and my right side grows faster thatn the left (even though the left is catching up..lol). I also like that your stylist wants to take a look at your products, that is a good sign. Do you have one person working on your head or do you have two, like one who applies the perm and another who washes your hair etc.? just wondering..lol
I still havent really used that biotin mill creek but i will.
YAYA i love hair stuff..lol

Lauren said...

Hey. Omg girl my hair also grows longer on the right side than the left! I thought it was just me lol. Idk y that is, its always been like that, the right side is always longer than the left, whats up with that lol. Its not THAT much longer but you can def. notice it (which is y my stylists gave me a full trim) But I've fully trimed my hair many times before & it still grows that way lol. At 1st I thought it was b/c I wasn't giving that much TLC to the left side & was neglecting it lol so I started paying more attention to it but i don't think its working, the right side still grows faster lol. I asked my stylists a long time ago & she just told me that's just how my hair grows. Idk i've gotten use to it now b/c you can still have nice hair with that problem, I am proof lol. So girl if you haven't trimed in awhile I think you should (and ur hair will thank u for it & grow much healthly). I know b/c I've trimed & my hair always grows back. About my stylists, well when I get a perm, she (the owner of her shop) usually gives me the perm & washes my hair, roller sets it ect.) When I go for my weekly wash & sets, one of the other ladies usually does it, only b/c the owner is busy doing other ppl & i be going mad late in the afternoons so she can't do it lol. My stylists always tells me to come in early so she could do it & monitor & keep track of my hair 2 see whats going on. But i've been going there for years, since I was in college so every1 knows me & my hair type. They know my name & everything lol. They know I come every sat & if i dont they ask me the next wk where was I lol. I know not to let too many ppl work on my hair, its too fragile to have ppl who dont know my hair mess with it. Ultimatley, whoever washes my hair that wk is the person who usually sets & wraps it afterwards. Yes, the bition mill creek works well on my hair bc it has good ingredients to thicken the strands & strenghen the hair & scalp which is what I need. Idk if it will work well for your hair type but yea, you should def. give it a try, it won't hurt.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Lauren In my post today I posted some hair pics and I am showing the difference in length. I also posted the response I got from my stylist regarding the difference in textures and length. I'm glad you have stylist you trust to work on your hair, that makes all the difference. I just got my most recent order from my honey child today so I will post on that soon, but I got the lemon pudding hair lotion....lol It actually smells like lemon pound cake...delicious! She also threw in a sample of Sophies sun shine, it looks like a grease.
Have a great weekend.