Monday, December 29, 2008

Enhance that Smile

There is nothing that accents a lovely smile better than white teeth. I think my teeth are in pretty good shape but I want them to be so white you have to put shades on when you are around me. Too much? maybe but anyway that's waht I want. I told you all that I have so many products that things get pushed around and some things I just never get to use in a timely fashion. Such is the case with my two in one teeth whitening system by Tarte. This product has been sitting on my dresser for months so I just hope the teeth whitening juices have not dried
One side of the tube is the Tarte super fruit lipgloss consists of goji, acai, maracuja, acerola, and pomegranate. It is also sulfate, paraben and preservative free! To me it is a regular lipgloss, smooth application but nothing to write home about. With that said the teeth whitening section better work like a gem otherwise this $26 purchase would be close to worthless.
I will be taking a pic at the beginning of my journey to whiter teeth and then and ending photo! I hope it works.
I am too scared to have it professionally done by a dentist because I am told some people experience extreme sensitivity to the process and end up in pain, I am almost certain I would be one of those people.
Has anyone tried this? What is the best teeth whitening system that you have used?


Anonymous said...

peroxide and baking soda- cheap & easy!

Anonymous said...

Hi PJD, i believe that nail polish worn by michelle williams is "private jet" by opi

B said...

Jessica is right. Peroxide and baking soda is the BEST! I've been using it for years. I'm afraid to get mine done by the dentist too. Yikes! Can't wait to read about your updates!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i had my teeth whitened before, but it was the old school method where they molded your teeth to make a mouth guard and gave you some whitening gel to wear with worked but 5 years later, i'm looking back to normal lol

Shay said...

I'm definitely interested in how the whitener works out. I'm also interested in a few other products by Tarte too. Might as well get them all at once. I will try the peroxide & baking soda in the meantime.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jessica thanks for the tips
Anonymous thanks so much I will check out that color too.
Bthantks B
Ren that sounds intense! 5 years is a good long run though.
Shay I hope it works for you.

Lauren said...

Hi girl! Wow another thing we have in common, we like to whiten our teeth! LOL @ u saying you want ppl to put on shades too funny. Yea girl I feel you & I'm all about my teeth & smile. Its so funny like 2 years ago I noticed how white one of my friends teeth looked & I said to her wow your teeth are so white, how do you do it. She told me she uses those crest whitening strips. After that, a few days later, I sure did run to CVS & brought that 34.99 crest strips & followed the instructions & after a few days I noticed the difference. No lie, this lady @ my job came to me & said my teeth r so white, what do I use? Ever since then I get nothing but compliements on how good & white my teeth are & I sure do love it lol. To enhance my whiteness, I also use the crest whiting toothpaste along with the crest whitening mouthwash/rise. The toothpaste does have peroxide and baking soda which is a plus but now I use the crest pro-health which also has whitening in it :-) I've used the crest & other stuff like the whitening gel @ night but nothing works better than the strips. I recently brought the aquafresh tray whitening system b/c I wanted to try something new & my friend said this one works well also. I haven't used it yet, ill pro start sometime this week. O & I sure do have a carrier little whitening tube in my purse to whiten my teeth where ever I am just in case lol. I also use those electric toothbrushes to get that same sensation cleaning feel when u go 2 the dentist & change my bristel head every 3 months. My mom always she can't believe how white my teeth are. I'd say I've spent about a good $100 on my whitening process LOL. I think the electric toothbrush, the crest paste & rinse, & the crest strips all work together. The crest system is expensive but it works, i'm living proof. People still tell me how white my teeth are & i havent used the strips in a good 2 months. Try the crest strips if you really wanna whiten your teeth.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren thanks so much for the info. Let me tell I tried the crest strips but I couldnt finish the process because my teeth are too sensitive to the product. I never completed my entire box. However the amount that I did use did make my teeth whiter, I just couldn't finish the box. I then purchased the listerine dissolving strips and I think that was a little better for me but I still have many strips, I don't know why I stopped using those....thanks so much though. Oh I was also looking at the aqua trays.