Monday, December 15, 2008

Drugstore Brand, Nails and The Hair Expert Answers Your Question

I decided to say HELLO to a drugstore item that had caught my eye a while back because of their colorful bottles and well scented products. Herbal Essences hair conditioners were staring back at me as I walked down the CVS aisle. I purchased the Hello Hydration Conditioner and Breaks Over strengthening conditioner they were priced at $4.69. Hello Hydration is a moisturizing conditioner that contains coconut milk while the Breaks Over conditioner has a special anti breakage formula. I can not say that the ingredients were wonderful because I didn't know what most of them were, but I purchased them anyway since they were paraben free. I was a little hesitant to just use this as my "go to" conditioner so I used it to pre poo with and I thought it worked out just fine, however I will not be leaving My Honey child and other products alone. It is good to know that reasonable store brands exist. I have to research those ingredients though.
Anyone out there using Herbel Essences products?
The nail color that I have on in the picture is the color Crimson by Maybelline Express 60 second finish. Maybelline has both 60 second and 50 second express finish polishes, and they really do dry that quickly. It is so helpful when I want a fresh coat of polish as I am heading out of the door.

Hair Questions
Hair Length- For those of you who do length checks on your hair what do you count as your real hair length- your hair when it is dry or when it is wet??????
Fellow blogger T asked for a dry scalp remedy and the Soft & Beautiful hair expert, Roslyn answered. If I recall T is a natural so that latter part of her response is probably what you need.
Here is her response:
“The most important element to a healthy scalp is keeping it clean and free of excess oil that would clog the pores. The scalp is most seriously affected by relaxers. Relaxers can leave a build up of calcium on the hair and scalp.. The Soft & Beautiful Relaxer with Triple Hydration Oil infuses moisture, conditioners and nutrients into the relaxer process to reduce calcium build up on the hair and scalp, as it straightens. The Soft & Beautiful Relaxer kit also contains a Decalcifying Shampoo which further removes calcium deposits as it gently cleanses the hair and scalp.”
Another great product is the Soft & Beautiful Botanicals 3-N-1 Dry Scalp Treatment, which is currently sold at Target. The product is formulated with aloe vera and menthol, so it both hydrates and soothes and irritated scalp."
Thanks Roslyn.
I posted my response under the topic "winterize your tresses" but please feel free to post your solutions here.


Jmilz86 said...

I measure my hair both wet and dry but tru length to me is dry b/c thats how i wear my hair daily.

I know lots of ladies that use the HE hello Hydration. I personally havent tried it yet but I love and recommend aussie moist condish

B said...

I tried those Herbal Essence maybe less than a year ago and liked the smell but those sulfates killed my hair. :(

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Jmilz I will check out aussie too.
B I hate I only picke dup the conditioners which didn't have yucky sulfates but those shampoos are loaded with sulfates. Yor hair looks shiny and healthy now so you survived

T said...

Thanks PJD and Roslyn, I will check out the 3-N-1 goodies.

antithesis said...

i measure my hair when it is dry and flat ironed since im natural.

i needed this post because after polishing my nails, i have a hard time sitting still!

MakeupByRenRen said...

i dont know if my hair counts, but i measure it dry :)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Measuring wet gives me false hope in my opinion because when it dries it isn't as long. Tisk, tisk.

I like the smell of products like HE and Aussie but I think the chemicals or whatever is in the shampoos are really strong and stripped my hair TOO good. Weak hair need not buy.

Love the color by the way.Reds and burgundys look really nice on you.

The Frugalista Files said...

Love the nail polish, PJD. I would only use Herbal Essence if my hair were really dirty. It seems a little strong.

The Frugalista Files said...

Oh yes, I measure my hair dry and in a pony tail. The pony doesn't lie about hair length!

Lauren said...

Hey girlie, I love your hair topics! Ok well I agree in measuring my hair when its dry b/c that how I will be wearing it daily however when my hair is wet it does look alittle bit longer in length so i don't know???? But when I wet my hair it automically gets curly (not fizzy) so i guess I have naturally curly hair (b4 the relaxer) which I thought was kinda weird but I'm learning as I go.

Lauren said...

O 1 more thing, thanks for soft & beautiful info. LOL @ your "I decided to say HELLO to a drugstore item that had caught my eye" comment you are too funny. I see their commericals all the time & although they seem & look tempting I never buy them lol. Idk to me Herbel Essences products do not target our hair type, therefore I've stayed away. (Not that im knocking non-ethnic brands, I am always open to new hair products). I think I once did read the back of one of their hair products when I was in Pathmark b/c I was curious but I didnt like the ingredients, prob b/c just like you I didn't know what half of them were & they have sulfates ): & I was skeptical so I opted not to buy it. But they do make them look fab on TV, is this the brand where they also have products for to grow your hair as long as you want? Lol i always see that commerical, I think its by Hello I don't remember. Neway, i hope your hello products work for you girl!

Product Junkie Diva said...

T not a problem
Antithesis isn't sitting still just the hardest
Ren your hair totally counts... :-)
MRs YF & Frugalista you are so right you don't want your hair stripped. I would never use the shampoos etc. becuase those generally have sulfates but I was trying to be cheap which is why i used it in the pre poo....I think you ladies have scared me Frugalista I like the ponytail trick..
Lauren Yes leave the HE on the shelf it smells good but too many ingredients that I can't account for. You are right HE is the brand with the long hair something i forgot the exact name but they say something like grow your hair as long as you want which seemed crazy to me because how will their sulfate filled products grow hair...HUH?

Lauren said...

Hahahah you are so right. I will def. be leaving the HE products alone, espceially since I am happy with the current products that I got. Thanks diva! :)

justme said...

when i do my length check i measure when dry.

i like hello hydration also for a prepoo, i have never used it as a regular conditioner though. since you love so many beauty products, you should tell us whats on your xmas wishlist

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren I agree
Just me your hair is growing so quckly, it's lovely. I guess dry measuring is the best way to go. Thanks ladies.