Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Are you out there & Do you bantu? & Please help me!

Are you out there?
HI Everyone I am just trying to gather a little information from you. I can continue to post if you all will continue reading or I can take a little break. Do you think you will be reading over the next couple of days or just laying low with the computers off? Please let me know, I may end up posting who knows.
Do you Bantu?
Sometimes I want to switch up my do and other times I am just plain lazy and I don't feel like rolling my hair. When such times arise I can easily turn to the good old bantu. Normally If I create bantu knots in my hair I don't unravel them and wear them in public. Instead I usually throw my hair into a banana clip and rock the tiny coils in the back of my head.
This woman on youtube, clearly demonstrates the process that I follow when I create bantu knots.
I will also post pics below to show you what my knots looked like. I should have created far more knots than I did for a fuller look but I was totally not in the mood so I also secured my knots with the metal clips but I usually do it just like the woman in the video and they actually stay put all night long. Here are my pics:

Although it looks like it's tight it really isn't.

Bantu knots can also alow you to make your hair look a little shorter depending on how secure you make the knots.

Here is what my hair looked like after I unraveled the knots.

Next I just fingered through my hair to expand the curls a bit. You can keep doing that until you get your desired look. What I do like is that I somewhat pulled off a curly look without roller! I still need more bantu practice, but I'm getting there.

Please help

I NEED the nail polish that Michelle Williams is wearing in this picture. Any ideas? (pic courtesy of It almost looks like a dusty brown with gray undertones, or maybe I'm just making that Any colors that you know of that will give me that desired color?


antithesis said...

michelle is wearing OPI in you dont know jacques!
i will be reading because i have no life.
your hair is sooooo cute. ive been doing pin curls but maybe i can try the bantu knots. wish me luck!

laughing808 said...

yep, I'm here......and at work, go figure. I'll more than likely check peruse the internet tomorrow.

I tried the bantu knots a few times and it didn't work out too well for me.

Product Junkie Diva said...

YAY someone is awake in blog Thanks Antithesis. Now that you say it I think I have that opi I have to check my stash again, because I didn't see it when I looked before. I was thinking of one of those colors from Sephora by OPI but i didnt have any names. Yup you hit the nail on the head. thanks so much..!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Laughing oh sorry you're at work. I hope you get a few days off at least. And the weekend is almost here so that's cool :-)

Mrs Count said...

I'll be reading :) I think I will try the bantu knots. I haven't had a relaxer in about 10 weeks though. Do you think it'll make me have huge dolly pardon hair?

CC said...

I was looking at that color as I was flipping through the magazine. I don't care that I dont usually pay $8 for nail polish, this one is a must.
The bantu curls are super sweet, I was trying to get Chynell to do them. Maybe now she'll listen to me.
P.S.- You already know I'll be reading.

justme said...

i dont have a life either, i am here. her nails look pretty huh, i wanna buy that color

Tami said...

I'll be reading and posting also!

thepegster said...

that is an OPI color, i just used the color yesterday during a manicure, it looks good on my hands not sure about my toes yet, give it a try :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thank you all for posting and Antithesis thanks for calling out that OPI color.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Bantu, I thought you were talking about the perm...LOL.

I love bantu knots. Haven't worn any in a while.

And I just tore that pic of Michelle out of Essence last night.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells I know those knots would look cute on you.I am so antsy to get that nail polish now, I think I may have to order online.