Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nails and Nene's New Drama

Last Friday I strolled into Rite Aide and picked up two new nail polish colors from Maybelline. They were priced at $3.99 each but there was a little manufacturer's coupon on the display for $1.00 off. I decided to take a coupon for each bottle of polish and the cashier did not give me a problem so I was pretty happy.
The colors are "Jewels N Berries" and the other color is "Ruby Luster". The express finish polish is supposed to dry in 50 seconds and I would have to say it works. I am always on the go so I need a polish that can be dry in under 1 minute.
The battery on my camera died and I didn't have enough time to juice it up so here is a little video just showing off the colors. I can upload pics later.
The first color shown in the video is "Jewels N Berries".

Housewives Of Atlanta- the DRAMA continues
I heard about this story recently but I didn't want to mention it since I could not confirm any details, (not like it's my business anyway). However Essence magazine, a trusted and reliable source in my opinion, has mentioned Nene's recent financial woes so I will post it.
Although I didn't really see Nene buy anything crazy during the show, she did have a makeup artist come to her home to get her ready for a party. Perhaps that is just one example of living beyond your means. It is always important to prepare for a rainy day. What do you think about all of this?


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Beautiful holiday nail color! As for Nene, she was actually one of my favorite housewives, but yes I heard that she has been evicted from her place that she and her beau were only renting!!! I guess she was putting on for TV.

CC said...

It seems to me that they were staying in the house until the cameras stopped rolling. Renting??!! I thought they were big shots...hmmmmmm, well that's what they wanted us to believe. All I'm thinking about now is what Sheree had to say about this mess. LOL, you can only imagine, probably getting back at her for calling her a $2 hoe. GOOD TIMES!!!

BTW, I'm soo gonna look for that berry color.

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow that makes me sad about NeNe, she really was trying to keep up with the "jones" huh?

antithesis said...

pretty color AND you saved? JACKPOT!

justme said...

why would they squander all that money?

TravelDiva said...

Hey PJD, is the color long-lasting? Chipping or fading early is my biggest issue.

Product Junkie Diva said...

BGG thanks> I also heard that she doesnt really live in ATL which may explain the renting situation...who knows.
Mrs. YF Girl I heard SHeree was put out too, but who knows. you made me think of her statement that she said in the opening about keeping up,
Antithesis thanks..and thats just how i was feeling.
Just me I know that's how I feel too.
TravelDiva HEYYYYY beautiful bride to be. The polish itself is not so long lasting which is why I cover my polish with this Sally Hansen product that I reviewed because it keeps the polish on for days longer with no chipping nad it gives it a shiny top coat.
thanks for reading ladies.