Friday, December 5, 2008

Precious Oil & Random

I think the coast is clear and the dust has settled from yesterdays post. Let's all exhale and then give a nice big virtual bloggers hug on 3 ok? 1....2....3 YAY.
Today I will kick things off with a product review of a special oil. When Motions released their most recent creation everyone was grabbing it from store shelves because it contained marual oil. I had honestly never heard of the oil, so I wanted to learn more. Marula oil is apparently from the nut of the marual fruit and it is indigenous to Africa. I guess that is why people when crazy for Motions when Marula oil was used in the product because it is not as accessible as some other oils.
The oil is very rich in antioxidents and oleic acid which is an Omega 9 fatty acid. I purchased 2 oz of this oil from lotion crafters and I used it to seal the moisture in my hair after I moisturized and I love it. Normally I am horrible at the whole moisturize then seal process because some oils make my hair crunchy if I don't use the right amount of oil. Marual oil however sealed and remained silky I really liked this light oil. I use the past tense because after falling in love with Oyin Juices and berries, I have again fallen off of the “moisturize then seal” bandwagon. 2oz of this precious oil will cost you $9.95.
**For those who are not familiar with the process I basically mean you moisturize your hair and then lock in or "seal" that moisture with an oil.**
My camera is still going crazy and not functioning and it isn't even 1 year old, Im so annoyed. So here is a video showing the oil. I will resolve this issue soon.

I love this new Brandy song. I think she looks amazing in this video.


Therapeutic Musings said...

Blogland was full of people that needed hugs yesterday, lol!

I moisturize at night and apply oil in the morning. I definately notice a difference, if any a bandwagon you should be on, jump back on that one.
Brandy was singing on steve harvey's radio show this morning. She sounded good! I was like oh wow, I may have to give the album a listen :)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Hmmm, Brandy was my girl from back in the day..."sitting up in my room"...i was still in elementary when that one came out.

Anywho, what other oils can be used to lock the moisture in?

Anonymous said...

Hey PJD,

Can you please explain how you seal the moisturizer in your hair.

Amina said...

i need to jump back on the moisture and seal bandwagon.

where did you buy your Marula oil?
I got mine at Shea butter cottage...

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm storing all these hair tips for my future children!

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM lol you are too
You are so right, moisturie and sealing here I come! Oh I missed B. I really like her voice. I think I have all of her albums even afrodisiac
@Mrs. YF I loved sitting up in my Roooommmm. sitting here thinking bout you...that was my jam. You can lock in moisture with coconut oil, some people use castor oil (thats a bit thick) almond oil, jojoba oil....list goes on and on.
Anonymous I do just what is shown in this video (I just use different oils), I moisturize then cover the hair especially the ends with oil. helps to prevent splitting etc. I dont use too much oild because i hate the oily feeling. BUt if you use the right oils it wont feel oily and heavy.
Amina YAY we can jump back on together. I got my oil from website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and honey, I looked at yesterdays's post and after reading all of the other comments, I was tooo tired to comment.

Where can you puchase this oil?

Ren, you are silly! ( love your blog)!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Anonymous I purchased marula oil from Amina got her marula oil at the shea butter cottage. Yesterday was my first controversial post, not that I look for controversy but 18 comment on my page (two from me) did make me give forth a little joyful Overall I think it was a healthy and respectful conversation.
Anyway oils are great for sealing in moisture.....

Peter Kroesche said...

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Amina said...

thank you :)
next time i know where to buy it...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina You're welcome. Have a great weekend.

Jmilz86 said...

I have heard great things about this oil! This blog is not good for my PJism!

I am loving Brandy all over again!

Sunshyne said...

This oil sounds great. Reminds me of Safflower Oil, very high in EFA's. Keep up with the moisturizing and sealing...your hair will thank you for it :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...
Sunshyne thanks for the encouragement.