Thursday, December 25, 2008

Body, Hair, My Disaster & The Winner is

Hi Everyone - I am so happy that you all are reading. YAY
First up today I is another body product from Soft and Beautiful from their new line Soft & Beautiful Skin. This is the Body Oil Gel, which is much like the Vaseline body gel that I talked about some months ago. I would say that this product does leave my skin feeling moisturized and it makes my skin glow. For 5.5 oz you will pay $5.59 which isn't bad. This is a fragranced product with mineral oil listed as the first ingredient, but it also contains fruit oil, coconut and aloe leaf extracts. I asked some people to try out the product and they enjoyed the scent as well as the hydrated skin that they attributed to their use of the product. This is a paraben free body gel.

I tried the saran wrap method last night and it was such a I washed my hair with the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle shampoo. I have reviewed neither the Aubrey Organics shampoo nor the conditioner but it they have a great scent like honey and roses, and I don't even like the smell of roses. Anyway here is the deal on the shampoo, it cleans my hair like any good shampoo does but it doesn't give me any "slip". When you think of slip think of the ability to glide your comb through your hair because it's so slippery and silky. This $10.00 all natural shampoo is ok but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it again. It promises to leave your hair manageable and soft but I think so many other products leave my hair much softer than that so I was not impressed with this shampoo in that regard. If you are buying it to clean your hair, then great because this is a tough shampoo that can clean your hair without making it feel stripped. I say it is a tough shampoo because it can cut through all of the oils that I may have on my hair from my pre poo yet it doesn’t make me feel like my hair has been stripped clean, which is a good thing. I will not throw this shampoo into the skip it files because it does clean my hair well but I just think it needs to work on the claim that it makes your hair manageable.

The conditioner , which I didn't use last night is a good product, designed for dry and brittle hair just like the shampoo. I feel that it makes my hair smell wonderful but I always feel the need to follow up with a moisturizer because it makes my hair feel a bit tough. If I don’t follow up with a moisturizer when it dries my hair is soft but during that period when it is wet I can not easily get a comb through my hair. This conditioner is also priced at $10.00.However the shampoo and conditioner ingredients are amazing , they include organic shea butter, honeysuckle oil, organic aloe etc. They are both all natural and paraben free. The shampoo does not contain a single sulfate.

Lovely Conditioner
The conditioner that I did use on my hair last night was the My Honey Child HoneyLemon conditioner. WHOA talk about a great product, this conditioner instantly softened my hair. After that Aubrey Organics shampoo I needed something to separate my strands and this was perfect. My hair was really soft and well scented after I used this product. I must order the 16 oz next time, now that I have finally used this conditioner. This conditioner is marketed as a detangling, moisturizing conditioner for very dry or damaged hair. It will now become one of my go to staple conditioners that I will use whenever I need to soften my hair.
Check out the ingredients: Coconut Butter, Coconut Milk, Raw Honey, Lemon Zest, Lemon Essential Oil And Purified Water- that’s it nothing else is included, isn’t that awesome! The 8oz bottle costs $10.00. I should also note that the customer service from this company is great I can order my products early in the week and they arrive the same week!
My Disaster
Once I finished washing my hair I put it in rollers and allowed it to air dry then I took out the roller, wrapped my hair and then I did something totally new. I tried the saran wrap method for the very first time. I have seen so many women rave about the saran wrap method which involves wrapping your hair around your head then covering it with saran wrap to reveal silky bouncy wrapped hair.My results Only the hair around my face was wrapped but the rest, especially the longer sections looked a mess. it was bouncy and shiny though so at least the method didn't disappoint in that area. I may try it again in the future just to see if I can find success with this process. I think the main problem is that I was sweating like a pig under the saran wrap. Here is the pic of my head wrapped:

I ended up throwing in rollers and calling it a night.

The Winner is….

The winner of the Vaseline Clinical Therapy lotion contest is Ashley. Please email me your address and I will send out your product.

Why do I find myself singing the song Lovebug by the Jonas brothers? Oh dear....
If you have not listened to the Raphael Saadiq cd please give it a listen. He has presented some quality music that makes you think of old Mowtown hits.
Be safe everyone


Amina said...

merry Christmas!!
I also tried the aubrey condish since so many were raving about it..
it did nothing
it was ok.....
glad to see i am the only one..

Jmilz86 said...

Merry christmas!!!!!!!

I dont like the aubrey products!

OMG you attempted the saran wrap style...too much work even to look at! LOL. I would've given up too!

laughing808 said...

Merry Christmas.......

I forgot about Raphael Sadiq when I purchased my other Decemeber releases........I'll have to pick it up this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Ms. Diva! Girl, you are a busy one. I guess beauty doesn't take a break. I'm pre-pooing with olive oil as I write this. I think I will wait on the saran wrap. One process at a time!

Have a good one,

Tami said...

Yea...saran wrap is a bit much...I would sweat like a pig also. As a matter of fact I can't remember the last time I rolled my own hair. I only do natural these days and let the stylist blow it at the salon on those monthly dye jobs. Too much hair, too much work!

Merry Christmas! Bah humbug! LOL

CC said...

I was thinking of using the Aubrey products but I guess I'll skip it for now.
Saran wrap is a no no for me. I tried it before but to no avail. But when it does work, the results on others are fabulous.

infojunkiegrl said...

have you ever seen booty call??

Phyllis Bourne said...

I've looked at the Aubrey organics line, but haven't tried it yet. Now I'll probably pass.

Keep the great reviews coming!!!!

Just_Wondering said...

I have Aubrey green tea clarifying shampoo which works pretty well. But I don't have any of their other products. I tried the saran wrap and it turned out nice but I did one layer of wrap. I guess that's why I didn't sweat lol

Jessica said...

Hi PJD- I love your blog; I stumbled across it the other day. Don't give any thought to ppl not reading your blog- trust me, they are. I read it and I enjoy it and I'm sure others do as well...
I never tried the AO HSR condish but I too hear a lot about it. Maybe it didn't work for you because it's geared towards 'dry & brittle' hair. It sounds/looks like your hair is in better condition than what the AO was designed to do. Hope this helps.

MMM said...

I also tried the AO conditioner. Not impressed, waste of my 11 dollars.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thank you all for your kind words.
I do like the scent of AO products though. i do have the AO protein poo and conditioner I think it's called GBP or something like that, haven't tried it yet though.
Frugalista You are right, beauty never
Thanks to everyone who told me I used too much saran wrap- I will use more next time.
Jessica- thanks so much.
Jessica & Mykeisha welcome to the blog.

Product Junkie Diva said...

infojunkiegirl -no I didn't see the movie.

yummy411 said...

i can see saran wrap doing the job for your hair. i need to hear the song by the jonas brothers and raphael saadiq. i heard something by him and knew it was a winner.

Anonymous said...

Omg! Ok I know I'm late but hope you had a merry christmas! LOL mines was good, I got a pair of UGGS boots! So I'm excited LOL- sorry i know thats off topic. NEway, its a new year (thank God) & im all about getting my hair back in shape. I must say my hair is looking great, my stylists even said it's getting better lol. So ok AO honeysuckle, umm yea I haven't tried or used that Shampoo but i have used the condish a few times & I agree with you & every1 else, its nothing to get all excited about. I still have it but I wont be using it lol. It was just ok... now the greentea poo that 1 i love. And I like island naturals condish, that one I love actually, maybe b/c it was protein in it idk. But it makes my hair really soft & i love the smell too! Anyway, hope you have a great 2009!!! ttyl :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yummy Raphael really made me happy with this cd. I will probably do some videos with his music in the back so you will hear the songs :-)
Lauren you are just teasing. I am glad you had a good time and some comfy boots :-). I'm glad your hair is doing really well. I can't wait to hear your hair report at the end of 2009 :-).
I think i purchased the island natural AO product, but I didnt use it yet. I also got the protein one, I think it's GBP or something like that. I will post on it when I finally use it.
talk to you soon.