Monday, January 5, 2009

Fresh Face All in One, Body & 2009 Hair Goals

For those who wear makeup you may use a makeup remover first and then wash your face with your normal facial cleanser. Fresh is trying to make your work a little easier through their Soy face cleanser which allows you to wash your face and remove makeup at the same time. AS usual I was the skeptic. I decided to put this cleanser to the test when I was wearing mascara, and the results were great. My mascara came right off, now I must mention that it was not waterproof mascara but it just melted that product off of my face. My skin had a clean feeling all over my face. You will pay $15 for the 1.7oz tube.

This is a very mini update on the total body cleansing program that I mentioned last week. I started the program on Saturday so I have only completed two full days thus far. I thought the little fiber mix that you take with breakfast would be disgusting but it actually isnt bad at all. I mix it with 4-6oz of orange juice and drink it down. A diet plan is included in the box but I am not following it strictly because there are things listed that I don't eat. I think i am making really good substitutions like plain oatmeal with absolutely no sugar to replace rice cakes (yuck) Of course I can't tell if it is cleaning my liver, kidney or any other organ but maybe it is too soon to tell. This system promises not to have you running to the bathroom every two seconds and I would have to say that so far it lives up to that claim. I will give you another update at the end of the seven days unless something eventful happens before then.
Will you do anything different with your hair in 2009. What are your 2009 hair goals? What would you like to see happen to your hair by Dec. 09?
personally I want to see all of my hair at the same length lol (except for the bangs)..that would be awesome. I also would like to retain the 6 inches that we all get each year. I know that some get more but in general we all grow 1/2 inch each month so I want all 6 to still be there by the end of 09. In order to reach that goal I will moisturize moisturize and moisturize my ends. I am also sealing again so I hope that helps.


PBW said...

I'm still growing my hair out of a really short pixie, and it's driving me nuts. For 2009, I hope to get it back to shoulder length. LOL! So I can slap it into a ponytail.

I've never tried Fresh products, but I like the idea of a double duty product like this one. Will have to give it a try.

Jmilz86 said...

Hey PJD...the face wash looks good!
My hair goal is to achieve full APL/layered BSL (yea yea I am reaching lol)!
I was actually trying to find a new cleanser/diet pill to try to assist in my new healthier diet to drop these few pounds. I tried the master cleanse but only lasted like 3 days on it! Please excited to hear how it worked

antithesis said...

wow, i never knew about that 6 inches a year thing. hmmm, i most certainly need to take better care of my hair.

Just_Wondering said...

My goal is to get fuller hair and find the right combo of products to achieve different results. So if I notice my hair is limp I'll use a set of products (pre poo, shampoo/conditioner and deep conditioner) I'm keeping a hair diary and rating my hair results so that I can find what works for my hair.

I'm going to try OOKISA (japanese line of natural hair products) to see if it will give me volume! lol So I'll keep you posted. I've been sealing with Jojoba oil lately and I think my hair loves it.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm at a crossroads with my hair. I can't decide if I want to go natural or just keep growing it to APL this year. Knowing my lazy self, it'll be keep growing it.

MakeupByRenRen said...

let me know how the cleansing works for yah, it sounds interesting!

Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW your hair style looks so wonderful on you though, I really do love it.
Jmilz You will reach your goals. I saw your 2008 progress and girl you are on FIRE. Your hair grows quickly Master cleanse is no joke and seriously that thing the lemonade makes me want to gag. I hate the taste of that stuff, so for me that is a really difficult cleansing program.
Antithesis yes, some people are a little slower while others are a little faster in that area but in general we all get 1/2 inch a month. If I could just hold on to all of it, I would be happy.
Just W. you will get your thicnkness girl :-) I haven't use jojoba in a while I guess I just forgot about it...good stuff though.
TM I have been thinking of going natural too but then I always say oooh forget about Maybe in the year 2020. or when i am 60 :-)
Ren I will certainly do a report at the end of 7 days.

justme said...

my goal is to deep condition once a week. i have gotten so lazy

Product Junkie Diva said...

Justme your hair still looks great so I guess you are just one of those people who don't have to do much to get fab hair. You go girl!!!!