Thursday, January 8, 2009

Product Review & Finding the ONE

Today is another nail polish post, this time I am featuring "I'm With Brad" by Sephora OPI. This $9.00 was sold out in two Sephora stores but I eventually tracked it down. One thing that I must note is that the Sephora OPI polishes do not make use of the regular wide OPI nail polish brush. I just wish they would use the same standard size brush because I like how much surface area is covered with just one swipe of the larger brush. The color is like a dark wine with sparkles in it, but not annoying sparkles that a big and chunky, just cute almost not there shimmery flecks.

Unconventional Method
You may have already heard about this woman but yesterday I received my introduction to Ms. Neenah. After arriving at the Essence website, I saw this woman who has taken matters of the heart into her own hands. This 42 year old never before married, communications consultant is trying to find her husband in 52 WEEKS! Yes, ladies and gents she has created youtube videos and an entire website looking for her future husband. No sitting around waiting for Mr. Right to fall from the sky, Neenah has created a space where men can watch and listen to her likes dislikes etc. She even has a few of her friends in on this process to assist in guiding her to THE ONE. Men are able to send her their pictures and to fill out her electronic profile. Apparently she has tried many means to find Mr. Right but to no avail. Many people are applauding her for taking this road to romance.
Would you do something like this or is it just too much? What do you think? Does this move reek of desperation or has she developed an ingenious personal dating service?


Anonymous said...

I really like that color. I'm wearing OPI Russian Navy on my nails right now.

Just_Wondering said...

I think that dating is very very hard and has become even worst in recent years simply because people are just dating..There's no real end goal to finding a Husband or Wife..or if you do it's like "oh if it doesn't work out I can get a divorce" That mind set of finding someone and getting married and being realistic about working on building a healthy relationship is lost..

So I understand to some extent why she'd be trying something different. She may find what she's looking for. I on the other hand am not that bold..but then again I'm not 42 :-) It's been her desire for all these years let her do her thing! lol

B said...

I'm lovin' that color!! I'm rockin' China Glaze's Harmony right now. It's a beaut! indeed is hard and finding a mate online is one thing but to make an actual SEARCH to find "The One" sounds a little desperate to me. I don't want to be single at 42 but I would like to think that I'd be focused on my career, helping others, the environment, improving myself...hell, anything. Trying to "find a man" in the way she is doing it is a But whatev. And why in 52 weeks? What's the rush? Sure she's 42 but to put a deadline on love is a, I don't know--desperate.

LOL, lemme stop.

Mischo Beauty said...

Love that color! And, like you, I had to hunt it down too, but it was well worth it...

Oh, and I'm headed over to to see what's going on! LOL.

Lauren said...

Hey girl. Omg I love your off topics, hearing & reading other ppl's views. Dating. Men. Love. Its sad but even though I'm still in my 20s I feel like there’s no hope LOL b/c ppl who are in there 40s & 50s says it doesn’t get any better or easier at their age either unfortunately (unless you’re already married). It’s true “holly matrimony” isn’t what it used to me, if I ever get married I don’t wanna end up getting a divorce 5 or 10 years later. Idk this story with this woman is very interesting to me, I have to go on Utube & check this out lol. But me personally, I wouldn’t do something like that, I'm just not that bold either & I'd feel like a loser LOL not 2 say she's one. The fact that she's 42 & has never been married kinda scares me b/c I think to myself I don't wanna end up like that but kudos to her for taking it to the next level in doing whatever means necessary to find a man. I agree with "B," why is she rushing to find a man? I mean what’s her hurry? It’s not like she’s 62... 40 is not that old, you can't put a time frame on true love, when it happens it happens, only God knows when it'll b. So I think she's being a little silly & desperate, who knows what kind of losers she'll get. I guess she’s tired of all the bs & work she’s put in & she’s fed up. For all that, she might as well pull an I love New York & find love on TV LOL. I don’t think she's taking it seriously, you can't find "The One" in 52 weeks or in any set deadline, that makes no sense to me b/c for some ppl it may take a lifetime to find “the one.” Nowadays, I here so many ppl reverting to on line dating to find someone, even a few of my girlfriends but mainly older ppl in their 40s & up. It’s crazy how hard it is trying to find a man, let alone A GOOD MAN. Most of my best girlfriends are single, college educated, good jobs, has their own car, very independent and my mom’s age friends are single too- why? B/c most men are either taken, intimidated by us, no good, losers, not on our level or just plain gay lol. It’s sad but true. My mom told me this one story on how 2 ppl met on-line & after just 4 weeks of dating they got married & been together for 9 years blissfully happy ever since, they just “knew it was meant to be.” In my head I'm like wow b/c I don't believe in on-line dating, at least not for ppl in my age group (20s) b/c most men my age are not on our level of maturity & are still into playing games & I just don’t have time for that. It may sound kinda crazy but I don't wanna find my Mr. Right on line, I wanna meet him in person lol. Ppl my age that do on-line dating end up with crazy losers lol, I don’t trust that. I may have already found my Mr. Right (and it wasn’t from on-line lol) but the verdict is still kinda up in the air on that one so I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’ll just leave it up to God. Ppl just have to have faith & believe God will put the right person in their path & you’d just know it b/c you’ll feel it. I'd rather wait 10 years (if that’s what it takes but hopefully it wont lol) to find my true love/ Mr. Right than to end up wasting my time on someone who isn't. That's just me.

infojunkiegrl said...

-Anonymous: russian navy is my color!!..i love opi..period!

-just wondering: i completely understand what you are saying. NYT has an op-ed article about this a couple of weeks ago.

me-i think people are disillusioned by how some our parents ended up. (not together,unhappy and unable to find someone else worthwhile) at the same time,people get on the "life is too you" bus
chris rock said it best " oh, you can raise a kid by yourself, doesnt mean it should be that way".
everyone deserves to be with someone who will make them happy and able to bulid a life and family with.
you cannot find someone suitable to spend the rest of your life in 52 weeks! it cant be done! the woman doing this said, it about being different and straight foward. i say...what about balance? its very easy to put all of your energy into finding a guy or getting a new job. does she has her prioties straight? i am sure she does, but when i see displays like this...i wonder.

Tami said... knew I would comment on this one. LOL All of the women saying she is desperate or crazy are clearly not in their 40s. I'm 39 and have many single girlfriends. We are all educated (advanced degrees), attractive and sane. We have tried everything to find the one (friends, church, and online dating). Sometimes we meet good guys and sometimes they are a little nutty, but so was that guy who worked for Secret Service that I met at a Black MBA event that stalked me for a few months! You can find crazy anywhere.

I'm not mad at her for taking matters into her own hands. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't but she'll have fun trying and she will be out there a lot more. At this point it can't hurt. And the comment 40 isn't that old, is not like she is 62 is priceless. I think I'll write a post on that one tomorrow. LOL

Actually me and my friend were just talking about doing something like this over the holiday because we are sick of our choices and the tired attitudes of many men. Not to mention in DC if one of us meets someone another friend has already dated him or he is juggling several women. Are we pressed to get married and would we just marry anyone? No, but it would be nice to have more options. We are living our lives single and happy, but dang that bed gets cold at night and who wants to be 62 before it is warm again? LOL More of us are having children on our own (I am adopting) but we still pray to find a partner but if we don't our lives will go on.

So, young women in your 20s don't be so hard on the sister. Until you are in your 40s and have gone through the dating dramody like we have...don't is not a pretty sight! Come back and talk to us in 10, 15 or 20 years...none of us ever thought it would be like this for us either.

Whew...thanks PJD...I needed that! LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

Anonymous I was just wearing Russian Nacy earlier this week. It is a great shade and it was much cheaper than that Chanel blue I was trying to get last year.
Just W. She is really ready for love and she is very serious about this process. I can't wait to see how it all ends.
B It is becuase of you that I started paying attention to China Galze...thanks I was thinking about that too, 52 weeks is a short period of time. Would be really show his true colors in that time span??? doubtful.
MIscho thanks
Lauren, it sounds like oyu are willing to date an older man. :-)
I actually know someone in ehr 20's like us who met a man online and they got married. SO I know that some people are very happy with the online process. However I know another woman who has met only psychos online...YIKES.
Tami I am glad you got that off your An FBI looney tunes sounds like you have a story to tell and I am all ears :-) Tami I have heard about the small dating pool in DC and Chicago. If one woman has dated a man, he has likely dated her friend....small world eh? I can't wait to read your post.
thanks for commenting and stay beautiful ladies....

The Frugalista Files said...

I LOVE that color.

As for 52 weeks, hmm. I hope she gets a book deal.

Lauren said...

LOL I'm not against dating an older man but I don't want him that much older than me... like no more than 5 or 6 years. I don't mean to be hard on older women, its rough out there for all of us lol. But I see how it could be alittle bit harder for woman 40 & up. I guess now is the time 2 start looking for Mr. Right while still in my 20s. I guess b4 I know I'll be 60 & alone hahaha omg. Well I'm not gonna dwell on it b/c at the end of the day, I know I don't need a man to complete me or make me happy. Right now its all about me baby lol b/c I'm still in my 20s & Im happy to be living the single life :-)

Calming Corners said...

Dating is hard. If this woman feels this is what she needs to do then go for it. I wouldn't do it because I am too private of a person.