Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shelly O and her mini fashionistas & My shoes

One area that I really like yet I tend to neglect on this blog is fashion, so let's get to it.....
pics courtesy of concreteloopFashionistas the world over held their collective breath waiting for THE OUTFITS. From her J. Crew gloves down to her Jimmy Cho shoes she looked stunning in her one of a kind Isabel Toledo outfit. She then topped the evening off in a floor length ivory Jason Wu gown. What was your take on the designer digs that you saw yesterday?

I really appreciate it when little girls are dressed like little girls and not miniature grown women. Malia and Sasha debuted coats from the Fall 2009 J. Crew collection. The outfits were designed specifically for the little cutie pies.
I seriously would not have thought of pairing orange and pink but it totally works.

Like most of you, I saw some of the sketches that designers put together for the Obama family and boy oh boy was I glad some of those designs were ignored. Ummm like Sean Combs' white blazer......

I purchased some new shoes, here they are.

This is the height of each heel:


Amina said...

i think Michelle looked amaaaazing and so did her daughters
girl, you are working those shoes!! I will fall with those heels..
they're gorgeous though :)

Jmilz86 said...

Girl, I am so in love with the Obama's! Pure beauty! Michelle worked her outfit andd the kids were too cute!

here's a link where i got pics for my blog, you will love the pics they got

I love the heelq u got, especially the orange! Work it girl!!!

CC said...

I loved all the outfits the family wore. Barack looked a little funking with that bow tie but it complimented Michelle's dress to a tee. And the girls do look like adorable LITTLE girls.

Let me guess....Vicky's??? Colin Stuart shoes are to die for. I promised myself I wouldn't buy another pair until the spring. I'm fighting my urges.

MakeupByRenRen said...

she looks beautiful! i didn't see the inauguration pics till now cuz my cable went out last night!

Anonymous said...

They are saying the color of her inauguration outfit was lemongrass. I learned something new! Yay for First Lady Frugalista and her adorable kiddies!

Thanks for posing on Shelly O.

justme said...

your shoes are so cute. the obamas look good. i wish they would have put her hair in an updo for when she wore the gown.

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes, you have great taste in beautiful shoes!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Thanks everyone
Yes mrs. YF these are shoes from Vicy's secret.I dont know about those orange shoes though. There was no picture of it and the colro had a name other than that will take some getting used to.

Pen Pen said...

I LOVE the girl's coats and sating ribbon belts!!! Ahh! SO cute!

U should try out 'Diorshow' mascara--it's expensive, but it's like putting on fake lashes it works soooooo well!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I pen pen..thanks I reviewed that product a while ago I like it, I just think the lancome oscillating one makes my lashes even longer, but it's a good product.