Friday, January 2, 2009

Hair & Random topic

I have very dry hair so when I see products geared toward dry hair, I just have to buy it. I purchased Organic Shea Butter Hair paste from My Honey Child, because the claim is that it will restore vitality to parched tresses. This $15.00, 8oz product was just ok. It certainly wasn't a horrible product but I didn't walk away with super moisturized hair. I wouldn't buy this product again especially because it smells like poison mixed with peppermint. Anyway I love that natual ingredients listed below. The only reason why I will not put this item into the skip it files is because it wasn't terrible, I mean it did give me a measure of shine, my hair wasn't a crispy dry mess and it felt soft. The moisture just didnt last as long as I would have liked. I would say my hair was screaming for moisture the next day. I think, no, I KNOW her honey hair mask provides me with tons more moisture for days on end.
Have you tried this product? Did it work for you?
Ingredients-Purified Water, Shea Butter, Lavendin Super Organic Essential Oil, Palmarosa Organic Essential Oil, (Sweet Almond, Avocado, Sunflower and Organic Shea Butter oil), Unfiltered Raw Honey, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Wheat germ Oil, Organic Kelp Powder, And Vitamin A and E Oil.

So there I was just flipping through the channels yesterday when I caught the tail end of bridezilla, it was entertaining to say the least. I was poised to change the channel when this new show named Momma's Boys started to come on. It is a show where moms will help their sons to pick out the best woman possible. I thought it was regular tv crap (and it is) and I was going to turn but then I decided to at least see what all of the contestants looked I ended up staying on that channel much longer than I had anticipated but there was one mom who made me decide to write this random section of this post.
She was describing the woman she wanted for her son, no, she was actually describing those who were not suitable for her son when she said- "I dont want a Black one, no Asian, no Jewish girls, no mixed." She then repeated her comments later in the interview and stated even more about how she doesnt want that for her son. She was very condescending and just plain old rude in the manner in which spoke about all non white women. She also said no big butts, but that's another story.
Anyway when she was poolside with a group of black women she said "so you ladies play basketball". UMMM yea she said it. Anyway as one woman explained that she earned as masters degree, this mom could obviously care less as she changed the subject. One woman in particular confronted the mother and demanded an explanation to which the mom said "Im not a racist I have a black godson, and I know members of the Detroit Lions and I love them, I have black friends."
The point of this randomness is the guy's mom and all people have the right to have a preference, but when does preference cross the line into racism? I know the way that a person excludes others is a factor but is there anything else that would make you say a person is out of line?
Also when your kids are older do you secretly have a preference regarding who they bring home to the family? I knew a guy in college who seemed open to women in general but stated that he could never bring home anyone outside of his race because his mom told him to keep the blood lines pure.
Ok in the movie Something New with Sanaa Lathan, her character said she has a preference for black men. While she described it as a preference her co star described it as her "preference to be prejudice." When does a preference become a prejudice? Is there really a difference between the two?
Have you considered interracial dating? Whether you have or have not do you think society or your family members had a part to play in helping you to form your decision?
Touchy subject I know but I would like to hear what you have to say.
No need to answer all of the I know I listed a few too many.
P.S. I will respond to all of your comments from this week over the weekend.


Therapeutic Musings said...

Poison with peppermint! LOL

I have dated outside of my race my family was fine with it but when I brought him home I could tell they would have preferred if he were black. The next guy I brought home was black and white, he was more accepted, except by my racist aunt who stopped liking me after that. My husband is black and it's very funny how much more comfortable everybody is with him than with the other guys I brought home (and now my racist aunt likes me again).

My only preference with guys was that they treat me right but my family preferred a black man that treated me right.

Amina said...

sorry it didn't work out for you.As much as I love shea butter, it never works for my hair.

In regards to interracial dating, I have several times and actually i don't necessarily want to be with a black man. I want a good man and as long as he treats me well, supports me etc, whether he's black, white latino asian has no significance to me.
of course we might have cultural differences but i see them more as a way of enriching our lives with new perspectives.

i know that the only thing that might cause a problem if i ever get married is that he has to be a muslim.....but then marriage is not in my plans so far. no problem
i also saw something new and found it very interesting

actually off topic: i was confronted with the question of race when i came to the us 9 years ago. growing up in W.Africa i've never thought about what it means to be black
when i watched something new or even another movie with Bernie MAC, Ashton Krutcher, i forgot the title, at the beginning it was hard for me to understand the problem with interracial dating because people do it all the time in Senegal and Ghana.
In zimbabwe, it's another story....

antithesis said...

wow that is a lot! i do have a racial preference. i prefer just regular black (like me) and preferably an idris elba complexion. i wont go as far as to say no to a particular race, b/c that doesnt define a person. i just know what i typically find visually appealing. does that makes sense?

infojunkiegrl said...

my husband is puerto's really a question of what YOUR preference is, and not someone elses. i have never cared about race. i get hit on by all races (not that i'm particularly beautiful or anything like that, thats just what happens to me)

some are fine, some look like a foot...some are great people and some are as*holes.

thanks for the review, i was really about to but that, i need super moisture because i'm natural.

Anonymous said...

I was stunned when Jojo's mother made that comment...I have dated outside my race before and my family had no problem with it..A majority of my family is mixed w/ more than one race...I could never imagine myself saying that to my son if he dated outside of his race...

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm in an interracial dad had a hard time with it in the beginning...but came to accept my choice...i've definitely experienced my share of racism from parents of ppl i dated...i think preference turns into prejudice when you begin looking down at someone and judging them slowly because of their race

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM Your aunt probably had her own vesion of who she wanted for you so maybe that prompted her behavior. I'm glad that everything is well between you two now :-).
Amina thanks for sharing your experience. Different backgrounds can certainly help to bring different perspectives to the table. I know the movie you are talking about, I think it was called Guess Who....I think that was the title.
Antithesis that makes complete sense, I know exactly what you mean. Sidenote- i heard Irdis is up for the role of the new James bond (the first black one) could just be a rumour though.
Infojunkiegirl I am sure you are GORGEOUS darling :-). LOL @ "some look like a foot"....LOL
Anonymous yes she was pretty out there with her comments. I have a feeling her comments were toned down for tv I think she had more to say.
Thanks for sharing Ren. I'm glad your dad came around. You two make a cute couple :-)

Amina said...

yes, it is guess who!!

n_vizion said...

Wow that product looks heavenly. I bought some shea butter oil not too long ago and my hair has not looked back since. The stuff is amazing!