Monday, January 19, 2009

In the theaters- Shopping-Food &Hair

Movie Review & A Question

I saw the movie Not Easily Broken starring Taraj P. Henson and Morris Chestnut. It was basically about the many struggles of this couple trying to keep their marriage afloat. I was not disappointed after watching this film, it was nice. Without giving too much away for those who still plan on seeing the flick relationships can be hard.

Question-If you really want children and your mate does not, what would you do?

To Buy or Not to Buy.....

You may have heard that all Circuit City stores will be closing down for good. On Saturday I may my way down to my local CC in hopes of getting my hands on a beautiful all in one touch screen computer that I have had my eye on. However I refused to get caught up in the purchasing frenzy becuase the discounts are minimal at this point (well it depends on what you want). I will try to hold on till the final hour, right before the dorrs close and hopefully I will still be able to get what I want but with a better discount price.

Other Orders

I placed my first order from Karen's Body Beautiful so I am excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my goodies.

Delicious Treats

If you are in NYC, you may want to try out the sweet treats sold at Heavenly Crumbs. The desserts are super delicious and it. If you check out the website you will see some of the many designs she can create.


The My Honey Child Coconut Papaya hair paste is an all natural deep conditioner that can be used monthly to restore life to damaged or very dry tresses. The quick review is that it makes my hair soft and it smells great. You will pay $12 for an 8 oz jar and $22 for the 16 oz jar.
Here are the ingredients:Purified Water, Glycerin, Raw Honey, Coconut Butter, Sunflower Butter, Coconut oil, Papaya oil and Coconut Milk.


antithesis said...

i guess if i wanted kids and my partner didnt, that would be kind of a problem. luckily i dont feel strongly either way.

as for the movie, im undecided. i guess if someone else paid for it, id watch. im not a big morris chestnut fan but i do like taraji.

infojunkiegrl said...

you want to see a movie about an relationship gone bad, watch revoluntionary road...i read the book in my american lit class (INTENSE!)
i'll say this,people have to discuss these things before it becomes a problem. i want a kid or two but no time soon, and thank god my husband finally feels the same way i do.

cupcakes are my

i gotta get on these my honey child products

--for NY people only--
go to chickalicous on 10st b/w 1st and 2nd for a interesting dessert experiance..GET THERE EARLY!

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