Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Late Post- Hands

Not long ago I was watching one of those plastic surgery shows and a woman was getting her hands worked on. She injected fat into her hands so that they would not look as old. While I would never go that route, I do appreciate the importance of taking care of your hands even before any signs of aging appear.
My sister purchased the $15.00 Satin Hands scrub from Mary Kay and I like it. It contians peach seed powder and it really smells like apricots or peaches (can't tell which
It also contains some parabens BOOOOOOOO.
After using the scrub my hands are even silkier so that's great!
Long story short I like this product but the parabens make me pause when it comes to getting it again.
Today I'm getting my first delivery from Karen's Body Beautiful....I hope I love it.

Have a great day.


MakeupByRenRen said...

i know what you mean, you'll see a celebrity with gorgeous skin on her face (ahem makeup) but then her hands look a hot mess, yikes!

Amina said...

i tried the MK silky hands and really liked it..

I hope you like your KBB goodies. What did you get?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren i know you must see this kind of thing first hand all the time.
AMina - glad you liked it too.
From KBB I ordered the hair mask, hair conditioner,hair cream, hand lotion and facial scrub. I hope I love it all.
Thanks for reading.

Amina said...

you picked great products!! the hair mask is amaaazing. The hair cream is also great. only use it twice a week....i was so addicted and started using every day with the hair milk....didn't work out...
the facial scrub is also great..

add to your list the bodacious beauty bar and the hair
and the hair milk too...she has a sample pack and a heavenly pack where you get samples..

TravelDiva said...

I'm looking for a hand scrub. Thanks PJD!

The Frugalista Files said...

Yes, I need to work on my hands. Please post more on hand products. The hands and neck tell your age!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina I placed another order this week and I did order the bar (I think I got a hair bar though...cant recall but some brown, the milk I got free because of those little scratch off cards that she has. I also ordered the nectar and more conditioner. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
Traveldiva no problem. I am sorry for the delay but the bridal posts are
Frugalista I certainly will.