Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Color Stay Away

I'm strolling along in CVS when I catch a glimpse of the stunning Halle Berry wearing a new mineral lip product by Revlon. I decided not to buy the Color Stay Mineral Lipglaze but I found myself always returning to that aisle. After reading that this lipglaze should last for 8 hours, I was intrigued.
Firstly I must say that this lip product has an unpleasant ordor that I have not put my finger on but I don't like this scent on my lips. (think Elmers glue)- STRIKE 1
I also made a decision to step outside of my normal box by selecting a color other than brown, so I chose Overtime Wine #555 (shown above).
Secondly, you need to have a heavy hand to really see the vibrant color.-STRIKE2
<----- 1 swipe of this product
heavy hand swipe---->

I think you know where I am going for the third strike, 8 hours was a joke more like 1 hour and I am being generous. An hour later it looked like this!!!! I will say that I did drink juice and I ate something but is that not allowed for the 8 hour time span???lol
My lips were still sticky but the color was basically gone.
This glue will cost you $8.99 but you can just "SKIP IT"


Park Avenue said...

I love CVS. Everytime I'm there, I go crazy looking at all of the cosmetics, etc. I'm so glad you did a post on this gloss. I'm a gloss fiend, but there's nothing worse than to have your color gloss look like faded fruit punch when the brand promises extended wear. I'll definitely skip it!

antithesis said...

that is a problem, shame on revlon!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great review! I am such a sucker for glosses and would've probably shelled out some cash to try this one, but I won't be doing that now. SKIPPING IT!

Thanks PJD!!

PBW said...

Thanks for the review. I'm a sucker for whatever Halle's selling for Revlon, so you saved me on this one.

T said...

That's really unfortunate about the lipstick. I never really thought all day lipstick was a good idea. I always think, how the heck are you going to get if OFF your lips, if it's been plastered to them all day.

Oh well.

nywele said...

thank you for the honest review! I had my eye on it as well as cover girl stay 8 hours thing...
the one that Brandy swears that it works all the time....anyways..

The Frugalista Files said...

LOL at Park Avenue for the faded fruit punch line. Halle should be ashamed!

TravelDiva said...

LOL on eating and drinking in an 8 hour span. So hard to find lip products that really do last.

B said...

LOL @ a mess! I just copped a new lip gloss and we 'gon see how good it iiiis.

Dominican Enigma said...

you're lips are fab! lol,

Product Junkie Diva said...

@ParkAvenue cvs is a great little store, you can pick up so many useful doo dads. and LOL and your fruit punch
@Antithesis my feeling exactly
@BGGthanks- me too love my glosses. I probably have way too many.
@PBW yes Halle can get ya every time.
@T lol good point. They do however have some good makeup removers just for those all day lipsticks etc.
@Nywele thats right my friend you can leave this one at CVS.
@Frugalista if you think thats something you should check out her site..keeps me rolling.
@Travel diva that is just too long for me not to get my grub on. :-)
@B I can't wait to see your review. I have another gloss to review...I wonder if we picked up the same thing.....
@DE thanks

yummy411 said...

wonderful review! thanks so much for this, so that i can pass by this collection (esp of glosses) with confidence! it reminds me of the loreal infallible glosses... i really gave it about 3 tries! no go! and this one... i wonder is the scent is reminiscent of their super lustrous lip glosses or whatever they are called. super sheer, stinky and ppl rave about them all the time! lol.. again.. great review!!

girl i blink my eye for one moment and you've posted all over the place! ;)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Yummy thanks-I am not sure of the other Revlon gloss that you are talking about, I think it may be one that I own...have to check the name. The scent of their latest one may be from the mineral content I don't know but I dont like it one bit.
I try to post
Product Junkie Diva