Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super Size Me

When I find a product that I like, I try to get the largest size possible. I was able to get the largest bottles available for the Aveda Damage Remedy line.
  • Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo 33.8 oz- $67.00

  • Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner 33.8- $84.00

  • Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment 16 oz- $68.00
Here is a comparison shot, the smaller bottle is priced at $24.00. I think this is a great buy.
Which products do you want to super size?

When I blogged about the Aveda Hand Relief lotion I listed the price at $7.50 when in reality the 4.2 oz tube is $18.00.

Quick story when I picked up my super sized Aveda products this week everything was already packed for me when I arrived at the store. After leaving the store I told myself to double check the bag, and when I did I noticed my 4.2 oz tube and I knew I asked for the largest bottle, the one priced at $18.00.When I called the store I learned that the 4.2 tube is indeed the large while the smaller version priced at $7.50 is a little over 1 ounce and it looks more like a sample. I purchased the small version of the foot relief cream and I really thought it was a free sample in my bag. I didn't test that out yet, the review is coming soon, I just know it better be good.


Divine Blackness said...

I may never get to experience the essence that is Aveda. Buy whyyy, Aveda? Why so pricey? I'll leave the testing and rewing of these products to you, sis. My wallet would straight pass out.

antithesis said...

i have to second divine blackness... maybe when i get outta grad school. but then maybe you will have introduced me to something better by then.

Eliana B. said...

PJD, did you buy these at the Aveda store?

Product Junkie Diva said...

@DivineBlackness LOL @ "my wallet would straight pass out." But remember you could always get the smaller version just to test things out. I think they hefty price tag comes into play becuase the ingredients list is fabulous and sometimes to get all that goodness in one bottle, you have to pay.
@Antitheis Ok it's a plan! I wish I could get an aveda partnership and get a contest going that would be awesome.
@Eliana Yes I went right to an aveda store to make this purchase. it is also available online at
Product JUnkie Diva