Friday, June 13, 2008

Starting from Scratch

While I am a self proclaimed product junkie other bloggers describe themselves as ingredient junkies. I feel that it is my duty to explore all product related junkiesm, whether it is an actual product or starting from scratch with pure ingredients. I felt compelled to pick up 4 ounces of Nettle for $7.00, 3 oz of Rosemary $4.00 and 2 ounces of Roses $1.85. I have no idea what I am going to make but I will check out Anita for inspiration (scroll down to see the recipe). Do you have any special recipes that you would like to share here? If so, please don’t forget to tell us what your concoction is supposed to do.

Here is a closer look:




Thanks and have a great weekend.


Dominican Enigma said...

Rosemary is in a lot of giovanni and Aubrey organics ingredients. It's amazing for hair shine

Divine Blackness said...
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Divine Blackness said...

Nettle knows it looks like somethin' else. LOL, I'm just jivin'....hmmm, I can dabble a bit in oils but I've never played around in herbs. This should be fun for you and I'm sure Nywle has a ton of recipes up her sleeve!

..pls explain to me why I had to type word verification 7 times?! Ugghh, it hates me!

The Frugalista Files said...

Girl, you are off the chain! I can't wait to see what happens. You got me thinking that I need to hurry up and start my apartment garden. I love the way that you are really branching out and "growing" (heheh) your blog. Good work!

nywele said...

YAY! Welcome to the ingredient junkie club! Nettle is amazing for hair since it is full of nutrients and minerals. Combined with rosemary, it will help with growth, filling up the hair shaft with much needed nutrients and making it stronger.

With nettle and rosemary, you could make a herbal rinse. In a bowl, add some nettle and rosemary,in a kettle,boil some water. Before it boils, pour it over the herbs. We don't want the herbs to boil because it will kill the minerals.
Once the solution cools down, after shampooing and conditioning, use it as a herbal rinse. With repeated use, you will see that your hair is stronger, softer and especially less split ends...

as for rosebuds, do the same thing and it is a great way to soften hair and also feel special!!

I also remember that Lisa Price in her book "How I found my nose" has a recipe for a foot soak with milk and rose petals. I believe it is whole milk, rose petals (or rosebuds here), soak feet and say hello to happy feet!! Enjoy :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@DE I have to look into that brand I have been hearing good things about that line.
I am in love with Aveda now..but I can still check out other brands from time to
@DB LOL you are too funny. That verification thing is so annoying but the minute i took it off I was hit with spam..
@The Frugalista---thanks so much, and yes please get your garden going!
@Nywele I knew you would come through..thanks I use rosemary oil in my prepoos and love it so I want to see what these herbs can do for me.
Product Junkie Diva