Monday, June 9, 2008

ELF review continued

You bat them, attempt to extend them, and curl them. Some women even apply various oils to make them grown. What is it? Your eyelashes of course. I purchased an ELF eyelash curler to see if my eyelashes would look curlier. Let me say I have never purchased one of those before. Ok I know some of you are gasping right Anyway I decided to purchase this one since it was only 1 dollar.
I did extensive testing and here are my findings.
In your experience can a good mascara wand eliminate the need for one of these tools?


The Frugalista Files said...

Girl, I know this is all off topic but, tell me about your nails! I love that color!

Divine Blackness said...

Only a $1 Well not trying it is a sin. Doesn't matter how good your mascara may be, an eyelash curler is a MUST for a lady with boo butt lashes like myself. My favorite is Shu Uemura. Love it!

Just_Wondering said...

PJD you are not alone because I've never used a curler..To be honest I always thought I'd poke my eye with it lolol My friend swore by it and I think my lashes have an ok curl already! I just use mascara and roll!

PBW said...

Up until a month ago, I never used a curler. Didn't think I needed one.

It DOES make a difference. Totally opens up the eye and lashes stay in place pretty much all day.

antithesis said...

i have never used an eyelash curler. i love my lashes just the way they are. so much so, that i sometimes just use clear mascara separate them...i saw a youtube of this girl saying all the ELF products she liked and she said she LOVED the curler. i guess it's different for different folks or you just got a bad one.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I have tried eyelash curlers and they do work! You just reminded me to pull it out of my makeup bag and use it more often! :-)

Dominican Enigma said...

I've used the Shu Uemura one but I don't really think its necessary. Great post mama ,Hugs, DE

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I am not as blessed as our blogger Just Wondering who is my sister. All of my sisters have curly eyelashes and have no need for eyelash curlers. I have straight shorter eyelashes so I have to curl mine if I want a more dramatic effect. Other people notice my eyelashes more when they are curled. I use Shu Uemera as well which I love.


Product Junkie Diva said...

@frugalista check the post tomorrow I will show you the color.
@DivineBlackness I guess 1 doesn't hurt, it was worth a shot.
@Just wondering I think it would be pretty difficult to poke your eye with
@PBW good to know
@Antithesis YESSSS I own clear mascara are right, different strokes....
@BGG glad I could help :-)
@DE I see a few people have mentioned that company, must be good stuff. Thanks
@Moon isn't it funny how our family members can all have certain features and then one sibling doens't get it..gotta love genetics.
Product JUnkie Diva