Monday, December 22, 2008

You can still win & Over the weekend

Hi Everyone
I do have a real post today but I think I will wait until tomorrow to post it. I posted late on Friday so I am not sure that everyone got a chance to see that I am giving soemthing away!
Over the weekend
I saw Seven Pounds staring Will Smith. Some critics say the plot is too tricky to follow but I disagree. I enjoyed the movie. Did you see Seven Pounds this weekend?
If you did, please tell me what you think, but we can't give details since we don't want to spoil it for everyone. :-)


MakeupByRenRen said...

i haven't seen it either but i have no idea what its about!

CC said...

Looking at the commercial I have no idea what the movie is about but I must see it, Will Smith's movies are always a must.
Hopefully this coming weekend I'll get a chance to see it and we can talk about how great it was.

Gigi said...

I watched it online this weekend. I think it was great. It was kinda hard to follow but once you get to the end it all makes sense. It was a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it.

yummy411 said...

i saw it this weekend. i had not seen a trailer so i had no idea what it was about. i'm just a huge will smith fan (mainly because of my son!) i liked it a lot... rosario dawsom roxx!! i knew she existed but was just a tad unfamiliar with her work.

however, i was NOT IN THE MOOD for it... yes a bit predictable.

why did i get uncomfortable watching will get emotional? he did well in hancock and i am legend... i guess it worked for the story line. i wasn't in the mood as i went to the movies alone and was surrounded by couples ewww! sike LOL! now have you seen cadillac records? i want to see that...

House of Prayer SLO said...

I haven't seen Seven Pounds. I don't think I will go see it. Sounds waaaaay too depressing. I am a comedy type of gal.
I wanted to leave a comment thanking you for your great blog.
Your reviews of products are extremely helpful to me (and my wallet LOL)
I did a video on YouTube giving a shout out to my favorite makeup blogs. Please take a look:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren and Mrs. YF I hope you enjoy the flick.
Gigi Online hummmm I'm watching you Yes I figured it out before it all ended too but I still enjoyed it. you make me LOL so hard.Will was a little extra with his facial
TamTam thanks so much for your wonderful video, it really means a lot to me. If you are a comedy gal then DONT see 7 pounds..nothing funny about it except some of Will's facial expressions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diva! I know I've been MIA but its been busy with the holiday season & all. Hey what is your e-mail address so we can chat one on one somtimes? lol. I saw alot of posts I want to comment on I just don't know where to start lol. 1st with this Post, I haven't seen this movie yet but my dad has & he said it is hard 2 follow so now idk if I wanna c it lol. He said he has a clear bootleg copy so he's gonna make me a copy lol so i'll watch it when I get around to it one of these days lol. Ok off to comment on other posts, I have updates on my hair products lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren you made me LOl so hard with all of your bootleg I think it was a good movie though. even before the end you will figure out whats going on but i think it was still worth seeing.
My email address is
I can't wait to read about your hair product updates. I have some updates for you too even though i didn't post on everything yet.
talk to you later